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This object allows you to launch a simple modal dialog contained a drop down list of strings. It is particularly useful when asking the user to select from a dynamically generated list of items.

An alternative approach is to use a Combo control on a CustomProperty (see PPGLayout.AddEnumControl).


Combo ComboEx    


1. VBScript Example

dim XSIDial, aItems
set XSIDial = CreateObject("XSIDial.XSIDialog" )
aItems = Array( "Item1", "Item2", "Item3" )
indx = XSIDial.ComboEx( "Window Title", aItems, 2 )
if ( indx = -1 ) then
	Application.LogMessage "User cancelled"
	Application.LogMessage "User selected: " & aItems( indx )
end if

2. JScript Example

	Demonstrates how you can ask the user to pick an object
	based on a list of object names
NewScene(null, false);
// Create 4 nulls, with one nested underneath another
GetPrim("Null", "FirstNull");
GetPrim("Null", "MiddleNull");
var oLastNull = GetPrim("Null", "LastNull");
oLastNull.AddPrimitive("Null", "HiddenNull");
// Look for our nulls based on the naming convention
var dummy;
var oNulls = ActiveSceneRoot.FindChildren( "*Null", dummy, dummy, true );
// Fill their names into a string
var aNames = new Array();
for ( i=0 ; i<oNulls.Count; i++ ) {
	aNames.push( oNulls.Item(i).FullName );
// Often it is convenient to sort objects
XSIUtils.QuickSort( aNames )
var oDial = new ActiveXObject( "XSIDial.XSIDialog" );
// Ask the user to pick a null
indx = oDial.Combo( "Pick a Null", aNames );
if ( indx != -1 ) {
	InspectObj( aNames[indx] );

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