Returns the path to the Softimage installation directory, the current user directory and other useful paths as a String. This makes it possible to write scripts that do not rely on hardcoded paths and which work on any user's machine.

The returned paths do not include a trailing path separator character.

Note: In the case of multiple workgroups this method returns only the first workgroup (when called with siWorkgroupPath or siWorkgroupAddonPath). The best way to retrieve the full list of active workgroups is via XSIApplication.Workgroups.

Note: Since Python does not support input parameters on properties, this property will fail in Python. Use XSIApplication.GetInstallationPath2 instead

C# Syntax

// get accessor
String XSIApplication.get_InstallationPath( siInstallationPath in_pathType );


Parameter Type Description
Type siInstallationPath Type of the installation path to return.


VBScript Example

'	This example displays the different installation paths
LogMessage "project path: " & Application.InstallationPath( siProjectPath )
LogMessage "user path: " & Application.InstallationPath( siUserPath )
LogMessage "factory path: " & Application.InstallationPath( siFactoryPath )

See Also

XSIApplication.Workgroups Environment XSIApplication.GetInstallationPath2