Creates a new project and all related files and folders on disk.

This method does not overwrite existing projects and won't change the current scene's project or default project. It is typically used in batch mode to create standard project folders for animators and render farms.

The XSIApplication.Platform method can be used to write platform-independent scripts. Operating system commands can be called in such script using the System command.

Note: This method could return an invalid object in python, use XSIApplication.CreateProject2 instead.

C# Syntax

Project XSIApplication.CreateProject( String in_ProjectPath );

Scripting Syntax

XSIApplication.CreateProject( ProjectPath );


Parameter Type Description
ProjectPath String Full path name of the folder that will contain the project folders and files. The project will be named after the leaf directory of the provided path. If a relative file path is specified, the current directory will be used.


VBScript Example

'	Creates a new project named NewProject in the project location
CreateProject InstallationPath(siProjectPath) & "\NewProject"

See Also

XSIApplication.ActiveProject2 XSIApplication.Platform System