ShaderDef.DefinitionPath operator


v9.0 (2011)


Returns or sets the definition path as a String. The definition path is where the shader was defined, so for parser-based definitions, this means that the file that was parsed (eg., \Application\Shaders\cgfx\check3d.cgfx), whereas the plug-in based definition paths refer to the plug-in file where the definition was implemented (eg., \Application\Plugins\MyShader.dll), and the spdl-based definition paths point to the SPDL files (eg., \Application\Shaders\spdl\sitoon\sitoon_paint.spdl).

C# Syntax

// get accessor
String rtn = ShaderDef.DefinitionPath;
// set accessor
ShaderDef.DefinitionPath = String;

See Also

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