Returns the Euler angles values (in radians) in an array. The values in the array are ordered the same as the SIRotation.GetXYZAnglesValues output parameters.

Note: This method must be used with scripting languages that don't support arguments passed by reference such as JScript. For more information on getting output arguments, see About Output Argument Arrays.

C# Syntax

Object SIRotation.GetXYZAnglesValues2();

Scripting Syntax

oArray = SIRotation.GetXYZAnglesValues2();

Return Value

Array of radian values ordered as X, Y, Z


JScript Example

var r1, axis, angle
var r1 = XSIMath.CreateRotation();
var vbArr = new VBArray( r1.GetXYZAnglesValues2() );
var array = vbArr.toArray();
Application.LogMessage( "Angles: " + array[0] +","+ array[1] +","+ array[2] );

See Also

SIRotation.GetXYZAnglesValues SIRotation.RotX SIRotation.RotY SIRotation.RotZ SIRotation.XYZAngles