Returns either the object or script name of a given renderer property. The name can be used to then access the appropriate property from the scene using SceneItem.Properties.

C# Syntax

String Renderer.PropertyName( siRenderPropertyType in_eType, Boolean in_bScriptName );

Scripting Syntax

oString = Renderer.PropertyName( Type, [ScriptName] );

Return Value



Parameter Type Description
Type siRenderPropertyType A value specifying which property type to query for.
ScriptName Boolean If true, returns the scripting name of the property (see Parameter.ScriptName), otherwise returns the real name (see SIObject.Name).

Default Value: False


JScript Example

// Get the current pass's renderer options
var oPass = ActiveProject.ActiveScene.ActivePass;
var oRenderer = oPass.Renderer;
var oRendererProp = oPass.Properties( oRenderer.PropertyName( siRenderPropertyOptions, false ) );
LogMessage( oRendererProp.FullName );