Returns a RendererArchiveInfo object that can be queried for information on the object archive information for this rendering engine.

Note: This property returns nothing if the rendering engine does not support the siRenderProcessExportObjectArchive process type (see siRenderProcessType).

C# Syntax

// get accessor
RendererArchiveInfo rtn = Renderer.ObjectArchiveInfo;


JScript Example

var oMentalRay = Application.Renderers( "mental ray" )
LogMessage( oMentalRay.ObjectArchiveInfo.Name );
LogMessage( oMentalRay.ObjectArchiveInfo.Extension );
LogMessage( oMentalRay.ObjectArchiveInfo.Multiframe );
LogMessage( oMentalRay.ObjectArchiveInfo.DisplayProxy );
// Output of this script:
// INFO : mental ray Assembly
// INFO : mia
// INFO : False
// INFO : True