Returns a Geometry object containing the object's geometry.

Note: This method could return an invalid object in python, use Primitive.GetGeometry3 instead.

C# Syntax

Geometry Primitive.GetGeometry2( Object, siConstructionMode in_mode );

Scripting Syntax

oReturn = Primitive.GetGeometry2( [Time], [Mode] );

Return Value



Parameter Type Description
Time Double Time (in frames) at which to get property.

Note: This argument is ignored inside operators.

Default Value: Current time in frames

Mode siConstructionMode The construction mode is used to access a version of the geometry with specific deforms. The geometry positions you get depends on the mode you pass in. By default this argument is set to siConstructionModeSecondaryShape which combines the geometry positions with the shape, the envelope deformation and the deforms installed above the envelope such as the move point operators. This mode is typically used for plotting the final results of shape and envelope deformation.

Other modes of interest:

siConstructionModeModeling: Gets the original geometry positions. This mode is typically used in export applications where geometry, shape and envelope positions are exported separately.

siConstructionModePrimaryShape: Combines the geometry positions with the shape deformation.

siConstructionModeAnimation: Combines the geometry positions with the shape and envelope deformation altogether.

siConstructionModeDefault: Uses the current construction mode set in Softimage.

Note: This argument is ignored inside operators.

Default Value: siConstructionModeSecondaryShape


Python Example

# This example demontrates how to get position of a point at a specific time frame
# Import the constants 
from win32com.client import constants as c
import sys, types
Application.NewScene("", 0)
oGrid = Application.ActiveSceneRoot.AddGeometry( "Grid", "MeshSurface" )
Application.SetValue (oGrid.Name + ".polymsh.geom.subdivu", 1)
Application.SetValue (oGrid.Name + ".polymsh.geom.subdivv", 1)
Application.Scale( oGrid, 0.25, 0.25, 0.25, c.siAbsolute, c.siParent, c.siObj, c.siXYZ)
startTimeInSeconds = 5 / 29.97
duration = startTimeInSeconds * 2
# Start at frame 5 && last 100 frames
oClip = oGrid.ActivePrimitive.Geometry.SaveShapeKey( 
				"Clip", ( 0,1,2,3), 
				( -4,0,-4, 
				  -4,0, 4, 
				   4,0, 0, 
				   4,0, 4 ))
# Frame 3 should be the original grid
oPoints = oGrid.ActivePrimitive.GetGeometry2(3,c.siConstructionModeSecondaryShape).Points
oPos = oPoints[2].Position
Application.LogMessage( "%f,%f,%f" % ( oPos.X,oPos.Y,oPos.Z ) )
# Frame 10 should the modified grid in the clip
oPoints = oGrid.ActivePrimitive.GetGeometry2(10).Points
oPos = oPoints[2].position
Application.LogMessage( "%f,%f,%f" % ( oPos.X,oPos.Y,oPos.Z ) )
# Expected results:
#INFO : 4.000000,0.000000,-4.000000
#INFO : 4.000000,0.000000,0.000000

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