Exports one or multiple categories of preferences into a file.

C# Syntax

Preferences.Export( String in_bstrFile, String in_bstrCategories );

Scripting Syntax

Preferences.Export( Filename, [Categories] );


Parameter Type Description
Filename String The filename to export.
Categories String The categories to export. The categories must be separated by commas. If null all categories will be exported


1. JScript Example

// This exports 2 categories
var app = Application;
var path = XSIUtils.BuildPath( app.InstallationPath(siFactoryPath), "myprefs.xsipref" );
app.Preferences.Export(path, "data_management, scripting");

2. VBScript Example

' This exports all preferences
set app = Application
path = XSIUtils.BuildPath( app.InstallationPath(siFactoryPath), "myprefs.xsipref" )
Application.Preferences.Export path

See Also

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