Creates a new View object given the path to its definition on disk. This method is a low-level approach to dealing with Views, in most cases Layout.CreateView is the most convenient way to create floating views.

This method will load any valid view file, even if the file is outside of the normal search locations inside the user, factory and workgroups directories. It will fail if there is an XML syntax error or other problem with the content of the view definition.

Note: This method could return an invalid object in python, use Layout.CreateViewFromDefinitionFile2 instead.

C# Syntax

View Layout.CreateViewFromDefinitionFile( String in_pViewPath, String in_pViewName );

Scripting Syntax

oReturn = Layout.CreateViewFromDefinitionFile( ViewPath, ViewName );

Return Value



Parameter Type Description
ViewPath String Complete path to a .xsitb or .xsivw file on disk.
ViewName String Required string providing the name of the view.

Important: Blank characters found in the view name, such as space and tabs, are converted to underscores ("_").

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