Creates a new View object. This method is similar to Layout.CreateView but specific to the python language.

C# Syntax

Object Layout.CreateView2( String in_pViewType, String in_pViewName );

Scripting Syntax

oReturn = Layout.CreateView2( ViewType, ViewName );

Return Value



Parameter Type Description
ViewType String The type of view to create. All available types can be found in the .xsivw and .xsitb files under the Application\Views and Application\Toolbars folders located in the standard factory, user and workgroup locations.
ViewName String Required string providing the name of the view.

Important: Blank characters found in the view name, such as space and tabs, are converted to underscores ("_").


Python Example

# Create a new Schematic view
from siutils import *
layout = Application.Desktop.ActiveLayout
v = layout.CreateView2( "Schematic", "My sv" )
log( v.Nodes )

See Also

Layout.CreateView Layout.CreateViewFromDefinitionFile2