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This object is obsolete and has been replaced by the Geometry object. The geometry object provides properties for accessing the geometry of any 3D object in the scene, such as a polygon mesh or nurbs surface. Polygon mesh geometry has its points, edges and polygons represented as Geometry0D, Geometry1D and Geometry2D objects. PolygonNodes are accessed via the 0D2D properties on the Geometry2D Nurbs Surface geometry has its control points and surfaces represented as Geometry0D and Geometry2D objects.


Geometry0D Geometry1D Geometry2D Nb0D
Nb1D Nb2D    


VBScript Example

' this illustrates how to create a cube and access the automation object
' for the geometry from the selection.
CreatePrim "Cube", "MeshSurface" 
set oSelList = GetValue("SelectionList") 
set oItem = oSelList(0) 
set oGeometry_V1 = oItem.obj
logmessage oItem & " has: " & _
	oGeometry_V1.Nb0D & " points, " & _
	oGeometry_V1.Nb1D & " edges and " & _
	oGeometry_V1.Nb2D & " polygons"

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