v11.0 (2013)


Adds and returns a new attribute data on a geometry. If the attribute data already exists, the current attribute data is returned.

C# Syntax

ICEAttribute Geometry.AddICEAttribute( String in_name, siICENodeDataType in_DataType, siICENodeStructureType in_StructureType, siICENodeContextType in_ContextType );

Scripting Syntax

oReturn = Geometry.AddICEAttribute( in_name, in_DataType, in_StructureType, in_ContextType );

Return Value



Parameter Type Description
in_name String Name of the attribute to add.
in_DataType siICENodeDataType The data type for this attribute.
in_StructureType siICENodeStructureType The structure type identifies how the data is structured: data can be a single element or an array.
in_ContextType siICENodeContextType The context type identifies the element set associated with the data (cardinality), such as vertices, polygons, or newly created particles.

See Also

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