Verifies if the specified Object, ID or GUID is present in the database. This is used for debugging purposes to find out whether an object is valid or not. Trying to work with an invalid object is a serious problem. In the case of ID or GUID, it may mean that the object has been deleted.

C# Syntax

Boolean DataRepository.HasData( Object in_varObject );

Scripting Syntax

oBoolean = DataRepository.HasData( Object );

Return Value



Parameter Type Description
Object Object, String or Integer Object to test the presence.


VBScript Example

' This example demonstrates how to test the DataRepository 
' to test whether an object exists
NewScene , false
dim nIdentifier
' Create a cone and then test its existence
set oDatabase = XSIUtils.DataRepository
set oCone = CreatePrim( "Cone", "MeshSurface" )
nIdentifier = oDatabase.GetIdentifier( oCone )
Application.LogMessage oDatabase.HasData( nIdentifier )
'INFO : True
' Remove the cone and test its existence again
DeleteObj( "Cone" )
Application.LogMessage oDatabase.HasData( nIdentifier )
'INFO : False
' Restore it and test again
Application.LogMessage oDatabase.HasData( nIdentifier )
'INFO : True