ControlPointCollection.Array operator


Returns an Array of control points for this NURBS component. Depending on the geometry type of the 3D object, the returned array will be either 2- or 3-dimensional:

If the component is a NurbsCurve, a 2D array of [X,Y,Z,W] values is returned. If the component is a NurbsSurface, a 3D array is returned.

Note: The indexing to access an array element is different depending on the language you use due to the fact that C++ arrays are arranged in memory differently than safearrays.

- C++: [U] [V] [X,Y,Z,W]

- Scripting: [X,Y,Z,W] [V] [U]

In order for the memory mapping to be consistent between C++ and scripting, the safearray indexing is always the reverse of the C++ indexing, as shown above.

C# Syntax

// get accessor
Object rtn = ControlPointCollection.Array;
// set accessor
ControlPointCollection.Array = Object;


VBScript Example

set oObject = ActiveSceneRoot.AddGeometry("Sphere","NurbsSurface")
set oNurbsSurfaceMesh = oObject.ActivePrimitive.Geometry
set oControlPoints = oNurbsSurfaceMesh.Surfaces(0).ControlPoints
aControlPoints = oControlPoints.Array
for i = lbound( aControlPoints, 1 ) to ubound( aControlPoints, 1 )
	for j = lbound( aControlPoints, 2 ) to ubound( aControlPoints, 2 )
		LogMessage aControlPoints(i,j,0)
		LogMessage aControlPoints(i,j,1)
		LogMessage aControlPoints(i,j,2)
		LogMessage aControlPoints(i,j,3)