Returns the Command corresponding to the specified index (0-based) or key.

C# Syntax

// get accessor
Command CommandCollection.get_Item( Object idx );


Parameter Type Description
Key Long or String Index or name of the command to retrieve.

Note: This method expects the true command name (see SIObject.Name), not the Command.ScriptingName.

Note: Avoid using numerical indexes as they can change from computer to computer as users create custom commands.


VBScript Example

' Display information about a command
SUB ShowCommand( ByRef oCommand )
logmessage "--------------------------------"
logmessage "Name: " & oCommand.Name
logmessage "FileName: " & oCommand.FileName
logmessage "Handler: " & oCommand.Handler
logmessage "Language: " & oCommand.language
logmessage "Type: " & oCommand.type
set oCommands = Application.Commands
' get the first command
set oFoundCommand = oCommands.Item( 0 )
ShowCommand oFoundCommand
' find the same command using its name
set oCommandByName = oCommands.Item( oFoundCommand.Name )
ShowCommand oCommandByName

See Also

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