Sets or returns the subdirectory (the Add-on directory) to use when installing the add-on as a String. For example, if you set the subdirectory to "MyAddon" then the add-on is installed in the folder Addons\MyAddon.

The SubDirectory is optional. If you do not specify a subdirectory, the add-on is installed in the Addons directory structure.

C# Syntax

// get accessor
String rtn = Addon.SubDirectory;
// set accessor
Addon.SubDirectory = String;


VBScript Example

' This example demonstrates how to set up an Add-on directory 
' Create a toolbar to put in the add-on package
CreateToolbar "MyToolbarAddonTest"
' Create the add-on package object
set oAddOn = Application.CreateAddon
' Set the installation folder for the add-on 
' (the add-on will be installed in the Addons\CompanyXYZ folder)
oAddOn.SubDirectory = "CompanyXYZ"
' Add the toolbar to the package 
oAddOn.AddItem siToolbarAddonItemType, "MyToolbarAddonTest"
' Save the package in the Addons directory
oAddOn.Save XSIUtils.BuildPath( InstallationPath( siUserPath ), "Addons", "myAddOn.xsiaddon" )