Loads a preset file on the specified objects.

This command is available from every property page, by clicking the "Load" button in the top right-hand corner.

Scripting Syntax

LoadPreset( [PresetObj], [InputObj] );


Parameter Type Description
PresetObj String Name of the preset to load. If the complete path is not specified then Softimage searches standard preset locations for the file (see siPresetLocation).

Default Value: If not specified, or the specified file could not be found, then a file browser prompts the user to pick the file.

InputObj String List of objects or property sets that load the preset.

Default Value: Current selection.


VBScript Example


' Example: Saving an loading a preset file. This example 

' demonstrates creating a custom p-set, saving it to a 

' preset file, and then re-loading that file.


' Add a custom PSet to the scene root, with a parameter, and set its value to 8.

SelectObj ActiveProject.ActiveScene.Root

AddProp "Custom_parameter_list", , , "MyPSet"

SIAddCustomParameter "MyPSet", "MyParam", siDouble, 5, 0, 10, null, 4, 0, 10, null, null

SetValue "MyPSet.MyParam", 8, null

' Now save the 'MyPSet' as a preset file named 'Example'.

SavePreset "MyPSet", "Example", null, siUser, null, false, null

' Change the value of the parameter to 6, and then load the example just saved.

SetValue "MyPSet.MyParam", 6, null

ParamVal = GetValue( "MyPSet.MyParam", null )

LogMessage "Value of MyPSet.MyParam = " & ParamVal

PresetFile = Application.InstallationPath( siUserPath ) & "\Data\DSPresets\Properties\Example.Preset"

LoadPreset PresetFile, "MyPSet"

' Notice how custom property set has been renamed to the Preset name

ParamVal = GetValue( "Example.MyParam", null )

LogMessage "Value of Example.MyParam = " & ParamVal


' Output from this script:

'INFO : "Value of MyPSet.MyParam = 6"

'INFO : "Value of Example.MyParam = 8"

' Object : "Example.MyParam"


See Also

SavePreset SILoadPreset CustomProperty.BinaryData