Installs a custompset as a custom preferences category. This saves a preset of the custom pset, loads it back under the Preferences->Custom node, and finally deletes the original custom pset. When starting Softimage, all presets under [factory/user/workgroup]Data/Preferences are loaded as custom preferences.

When a custom preference value changes, the value is saved in the preferences ascii file (.xsipref), as for other (built-in) preferences.

Scripting Syntax

InstallCustomPreferences( [InputObjs], [Name] );


Parameter Type Description
InputObjs String List of custom pset to install as custom preferences.

Default Value: Current selection.

Name String Name to give to the custom preference category

Default Value: Name of the custom pset.


JScript Example


	JScript example that shows how to install a custom preference from a custom pset.


SelectObj("Scene_Root", null, null);

SIAddCustomParameter("Scene_Root", "myparam", siBool, 0, 0, 1, null, 4, 0, 1, null, null);

SelectObj("CustomPSet", null, null);

SetValue("CustomPSet.Name", "mycustomprefs", null);

InstallCustomPreferences ("mycustomPrefs", "MyPrefs");

// Now we can access the new custom preference

logmessage (application.preferences.GetPreferenceValue("MyPrefs.myparam"));

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