Adds Hair geometry to the specified object.

Scripting Syntax

oReturn = ApplyHairOp( in_Objs, PresetObj );

Return Value

Returns the hair object as an X3DObject.


Parameter Type Description
in_Objs Selection list Specifies the objects to be modified
PresetObj String Hair geometry preset: only "Hair-Default" is supported.

Default Value: "Hair-Default" (Default hair preset)


1. VBScript Example

' Create a grid and generate hairs from it.

CreatePrim "Grid", "MeshSurface"


2. JScript Example

//Demonstrate how to create Hair and then access it in the Object Model

newscene("",false) ;	

var oGrid = ActiveSceneRoot.AddGeometry( "Grid", "MeshSurface", "HairyGrid" ) ;

// Add hair to the grid

ApplyHairOp( oGrid ) ;

// The newly created hair object can be retrieved as a 

// child of the Grid

var oHair = oGrid.Children.Item( "Hair" ) ;

// Actual interesting parameters of the hair are found on the Primitive

var oHairPrim = oHair.ActivePrimitive ;

// Turn on display of the actual hairs

oHairPrim.Parameters( "DisplayType" ).Value = 1

oHairPrim.Parameters( "FrizzRoot" ).Value = 5

oHairPrim.Parameters( "FrizzTip" ).Value = 80

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