The Softimage object family constant strings.

Constant Value Description
si0DComponentFamily 0DComponent 0D Component family
si1DComponentFamily 1DComponent 1D Component family
si2DComponentFamily 2DComponent 2D Component family
si3DObjectFamily 3D Objects 3D Object family
siAssignmentOperatorFamily AssignmentOperators Assignment operator family
siCameraFamily Camera Camera family
siChainElementFamily Chain Elements Chain Element family
siClusterableComponentFamily Clusterable Components Clusterable Component family
siClusterFamily Clusters Cluster family
siConstraintFamily Constraints Constraint property family
siContourContrastShaderFamily Contour Contrast Shaders Contour Contrast shader family
siContourShaderFamily Contour Shaders Contour shader family
siContourStoreShaderFamily Contour Store Shaders Contour Store shader family
siControlObjectFamily Control Objects Control Object family
siControlObjectNurbsTextureFamily Control Objects Nurbs Texture Control Object Nurbs Texture family
siControlObjectTextureFamily Control Objects Texture Control Object Texture family
siControlObjectTextureProjectionFamily Control Objects Texture Projection Control Object Texture Projection family
siConverterOperatorFamily Converters Converter operator family
siCurveFamily Curves Curve Geometry family
siDeformOperatorFamily DeformOperators Deform operator family
siDisplacementShaderFamily Displacement Shaders Displacement shader family
siEnvironmentShaderFamily Environment Shaders Environment shader family
siFxOperatorFamily FxOperator Fx Operator family
siGeneratorOperatorFamily GeneratorOperators Generator operator family
siGeometryFamily Geometries Geometry family
siGeometryShaderFamily Geometry Shaders Geometry shader family
siGroupFamily Groups Group family
siImageOperatorFamily Image Operators Image Operator family
siImplicitGeometryFamily Geometry Implicit Geometry family
siKineInfoFamily KineInfo KineInfo property family
siLatticeFamily Lattices Lattice family
siLensShaderFamily Lens Shaders Lens shader family
siLightPhotonShaderFamily Light Photon Shaders Light Photon shader family
siLightPrimitiveFamily Lights Light Primitive family
siLightShaderFamily Light Shaders Light shader family
siMarkerOperatorFamily MarkerOperators Marker operator family (mainly the construction regions)
siMaterialFamily Material Material property family
siMaterialShaderFamily Material Shaders Material shader family
siMeshFamily Mesh Geometries Mesh Geometry family
siNullPrimitiveFamily Nulls Null Primitive family
siNurbsCurveListFamily Nurbs CurveList Geometries Nurbs CurveList Geometry family
siNurbsSurfaceMeshFamily Nurbs Surface Mesh Geometries Nurbs Surface Mesh Geometry family
siOperatorFamily Operators Operator family
siOutputShaderFamily Output Shaders Output shader family
siParticleControlObjectFamily Particle Control Object Particle Control Object family
siParticleFamily Particle Particle family
siPassFamily Pass Pass family
siPatchNetworkFamily Patch Networks Patch Network family
siPhotonShaderFamily Photon Shaders Photon shader family
siPlanarObjectFamily Planar Objects Planar Object family
siPointCloudFamily Point Cloud Geometries Point Cloud Geometry family
siPropertyFamily Properties Property family
siRealTimeShaderFamily RealTime Shaders RealTime shader family
siShaderFamily Shaders Shader family
siShadowShaderFamily Shadow Shaders Shadow shader family
siSubComponentFamily SubComponents SubComponent family
siSurfaceCurveFamily Surface Curves Surface Curve Geometry family
siSurfaceFamily Surfaces Surface Geometry family
siTextureShaderFamily Texture Shaders Texture shader family
siTopologyOperatorFamily TopologyOperators Topology operator family
siVirtualComponentFamily Virtual Components Virtual Component family
siVirtualCurveFamily Virtual Curves Virtual Curve family
siVolumeShaderFamily Volume Shaders Volume shader family

Applies To

ConstructionHistory.Filter Dictionary.Info Parameter.ConnectFromPreset ProjectItem.BelongsTo X3DObject.FindChild X3DObject.FindChildren X3DObjectCollection.Filter X3DObject::FindChild X3DObject::FindChildren

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