Returns the member of the collection specified by key as an object derived from ProjectItem or as a CollectionItem if no appropriate SDK object can be found).


Parameter Type Description
Key Integer or String Key for identifying the item. This could be the index of the item's location in the collection or the SIObject.FullName or identifier Object Name of the object.


VBScript Example

Dim oColl                     ' object pointer for collection
Dim oMember                     ' for getting the first member
Dim oLight                      ' for getting the light
' Create the collection as an ActiveX object
Set oColl = CreateObject("XSI.Collection")
' Add some items to it 
oColl.Add "Camera"
oColl.Add "Light"
' Get a pointer to the first member of the collection
' (using the index as key)
Set oMember = oColl(0)
getInfo oMember
' Get a pointer to the light (using the name as key)
Set oLight = oColl( "Light" )
getInfo oLight
function getInfo( in_object )
        LogMessage in_object & " is a " & ClassName( in_object )
end function
' Output of above script:
'INFO : "Camera is a Camera"
'INFO : "light is a Light"

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