Returns a MaterialCollection containing all Material objects on the X3DObject, including those on clusters and subsurfaces.


JScript Example

        This example demonstrates how to access material on an object by first creating the object, then
        adding a constant and lambert shader, and then enumerating the materials collection for that 
        object to 'find' the newly applied materials.
// Set up the scene with the new object
NewScene( null, false );
var oRoot = Application.ActiveProject.ActiveScene.Root;
var oObject = oRoot.AddGeometry( "Cylinder", "MeshSurface" );
// Add the materials
ApplyShader( "Material\\Constant", oObject );
BlendInTextureLayers( "Image", oObject );
SelectGeometryComponents( oObject + ".poly[14,15]" );
ApplyShader( "Material\\Lambert" );
// Loop through the collection of materials
var e = new Enumerator(oObject.Materials);
for ( ; !e.atEnd(); e.moveNext() ) {
        var oMat = e.item();
        Application.LogMessage( "Found " + oMat );
// ---------- OUTPUT ---------- 
//INFO : "Found cylinder.Material"
//INFO : "Found cylinder.polymsh.cls.Polygon.Material1"