Returns an ImageClipCollection containing all ImageClip objects connected to the material.


VBScript Example

'       This example shows how to find all image clips associated with a Material
set oObj = BuildDemoScene
set oImageClips = oObj.Material.ImageClips 
for each oImageClip in oImageClips
        Application.LogMessage oImageClip.FullName
'Example output:
'INFO : sphere.Material.Phong.Image.jaiqua_face_jpg
'INFO : sphere.Material.Phong.Color2scalar.Image1.ehair_08_jpg
'       Create a little sample render tree
'       It has no interesting visual appearance but is a render tree with
'       various shaders and two images so that we can demonstrate the 
'       FindImageClips routine
'   Return value is the X3DObject
function BuildDemoScene
        NewScene ,false
        ImageFile1 = XSIUtils.BuildPath( Application.InstallationPath(siFactoryPath), _
                                "Data", _
                                "jaiqua_face.jpg" )                     
        ImageFile2 = XSIUtils.BuildPath( Application.InstallationPath(siFactoryPath), _
                                "Data", _
                                "ehair_08.jpg" )                        
        NewScene , false
        set oObj = ActiveSceneRoot.AddGeometry( "Sphere", "MeshSurface" )
        oObj.AddMaterial "Phong" 
        dim oPhongShader, oAmbientParam, oDiffuseParam, oShinyParam
        set oPhongShader = oObj.Material.Shaders(0)
        set oAmbientParam = oPhongShader.Parameters( "ambient" )
        set oDiffuseParam = oPhongShader.Parameters( "diffuse" )        
        set oShinyParam= oPhongShader.Parameters( "shiny" )     
        dim oImageClip1, oImageClip2
        SICreateImageClip ImageFile1, ,oImageClip1      
        SICreateImageClip ImageFile2, ,oImageClip2
        dim oImageNode1,oImageNode2
        set oImageNode1 = oAmbientParam.connectfrompreset("Image", siTextureShaderFamily)
        oDiffuseParam.Connect( oImageNode1 )    
        oImageNode1.Parameters( "tex" ).Connect( oImageClip1 )
        set oImageNode2 = oShinyParam.connectfrompreset("Image", siTextureShaderFamily)
        oImageNode2.Parameters( "tex" ).Connect( oImageClip2 )
        set BuildDemoScene = oObj
end function

See Also

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