The different constant strings for cluster types.

Constant Value Description
siBoundaryCluster bndry boundary cluster
siEdgeCluster edge edge cluster
siFaceCluster face face cluster
siIsoLineUCluster isolineu iso line U cluster
siIsoLineVCluster isolinev iso line V cluster
siIsoPointCluster isopnt iso point cluster
siKnotCluster knot knot cluster
siKnotCurveUCluster knotcrvu knot curve U cluster
siKnotCurveVCluster knotcrvv knot curve V cluster
siPolygonCluster poly polygon cluster
siPolygonNodeCluster polyn polygon node cluster
siSampledPointCluster sample sampled point cluster
siSubCurveCluster subcrv subcurve cluster
siSubSurfaceCluster subsrf subsurface cluster
siSurfaceCurveCluster srfcrv surface curve cluster
siTrimCurveCluster trimcrv trim curve cluster
siVertexCluster pnt vertex cluster

Applies To

Geometry.AddCluster Geometry.AddEmptyCluster SubComponent.ClusterType Geometry.CreateSubComponent Geometry::AddCluster Geometry::AddEmptyCluster

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