Connects a shader to the specified shader connection points.

Scripting Syntax

oReturn = SIConnectShaderToCnxPoint( [Source], [InputObjs], [DeleteOnLastDisconnection] );

Return Value

Returns an XSICollection that contains the newly connected shader(s).


Parameter Type Description
Source String Shader to connect

Default Value: Current selection

InputObjs String List of shader connection points.

Default Value: Current selection

DeleteOnLastDisconnection Boolean True to delete existing shaders that are disconnected by this command.

Default Value: True


VBScript Example

' This example creates a sphere, applies a lambert shader to it, prints out
' the list of connection points to that shader, connects the toon shader 
' to the surface and shadow connection points and then prints the updated list.
' Create the sphere to which the shader will be connected
NewScene , false
set oSphere = CreatePrim( "Sphere", "NurbsSurface" )
' Apply a lambert shader to instantiate the material
sPresetPath = XSIUtils.BuildPath(_
        Application.InstallationPath(siFactoryPath), _
        "Data", "DSPresets", "Shaders", "Material", "Lambert.Preset" _
set oShader = SIApplyShader( sPresetPath, oSphere, "Christopher" )
' Convert the shader to a Shader object 
set oShader = oShader(0)
' Print lambert shader info 
printShaderInfo oShader
' Load a toon shader
CreateShaderFromPreset "Shaders\Material\Toon_Paint_Rounded.Preset", "Sources.Materials.DefaultLib.Material"
' For convenience, create a collection to hold the parameters
' to be disconnected (Surface and Shadow connection points).
set oCnxPoints = CreateObject( "XSI.Collection" )
oCnxPoints.Add oSphere & ".material.Surface"
oCnxPoints.Add oSphere & ".material.Shadow"
' Use that collection to connect the toon shader to the sphere 
set oToony = SIConnectShaderToCnxPoint( "Sources.Materials.DefaultLib.Material.Toon_Paint_Rounded", oCnxPoints )
' Convert the shader to a Shader object 
set oToony = oToony(0)
' Print toon shader info 
printShaderInfo oToony
' This is a convenience routine that prints information about the shader
sub printShaderInfo( in_shader )
        ' From the shader object you can get the material it belongs to
        set oMaterial = in_shader.Owners(0)
        ' Use the material to return the parameters that are connected and
        ' print out their names
        for each p in oMaterial.Parameters
                 if TypeName( p.Source ) <> "Nothing" then
                         Application.LogMessage p.ScriptName & " is connected to " & p.Source.Name
                 end if
end sub
' Output of the above script:
' ...before adding the toon shader
' INFO : surface is connected to Christopher
' INFO : shadow is connected to Christopher
' INFO : Photon is connected to Christopher
' ...after adding the toon shader
' INFO : surface is connected to Phong
' INFO : shadow is connected to Phong
' INFO : Photon is connected to Lambert

See Also

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