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subdMatchTopology is undoable, NOT queryable, and NOT editable.

Command matches topology across multiple subdiv surfaces - at all levels.

Return value

booleanSuccess or Failure.


subdivision, surface, deformers, refine, level, coarse, fine


blendShape, changeSubdivComponentDisplayLevel, changeSubdivRegion, createSubdivRegion, querySubdiv, subdiv, subdivDisplaySmoothness


Long name (short name) Argument types Properties
frontOfChain(foc) boolean create
This command is used to specify that the new addTopology node should be placed ahead (upstream) of existing deformer and skin nodes in the shape's history (but not ahead of existing tweak nodes). The input to the addTopology node will be the upstream shape rather than the visible downstream shape, so the behavior of this flag is the most intuitive if the downstream deformers are in their reset (hasNoEffect) position when the new deformer is added.

Flag can appear in Create mode of command Flag can appear in Edit mode of command
Flag can appear in Query mode of command Flag can have multiple arguments, passed either as a tuple or a list.

Python examples

import maya.cmds as cmds

# To match topology across two subdiv surfaces.
cmds.subdMatchTopology( 'surface', 'surface2' )