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iprEngine([copy=string], [defineTemplate=string], [estimatedMemory=boolean], [exists=boolean], [iprImage=string], [motionVectorFile=boolean], [object=name], [region=[int, int, int, int]], [relatedFiles=boolean], [releaseIprImage=boolean], [resolution=boolean], [scanlineIncrement=string], [showProgressBar=boolean], [startTuning=boolean], [stopTuning=boolean], [underPixel=[int, int]], [update=boolean], [updateDepthOfField=boolean], [updateLightGlow=boolean], [updateMotionBlur=boolean], [updatePort=string], [updateShaderGlow=boolean], [updateShading=boolean], [updateShadowMaps=boolean], [useTemplate=string])

Note: Strings representing object names and arguments must be separated by commas. This is not depicted in the synopsis.

iprEngine is undoable, queryable, and editable.

Command to create or edit an iprEngine. A iprEngine is an object that watches for changes to shading networks and automatically reshades to generate an up-to-date image.

Return value

string- the name of the ipr engine created or modified

In query mode, return type is based on queried flag.


copy, defineTemplate, estimatedMemory, exists, iprImage, motionVectorFile, object, region, relatedFiles, releaseIprImage, resolution, scanlineIncrement, showProgressBar, startTuning, stopTuning, underPixel, update, updateDepthOfField, updateLightGlow, updateMotionBlur, updatePort, updateShaderGlow, updateShading, updateShadowMaps, useTemplate
Long name (short name) Argument types Properties
exists(ex) boolean create
Returns true|false depending upon whether the specified object exists. Other flags are ignored.
defineTemplate(dt) string create
Puts a command in a mode where any other flags and args are parsed and added to the command template specified in the argument. They will be used as default arguments in any subsequent invocations of the command when templateName is set as the current template.
useTemplate(ut) string create
Force the command to use a command template other than the current one.
iprImage(ipr) string createqueryedit
Specify the ipr image to use.
releaseIprImage(rii) boolean edit
The ipr image should be released and memory should be freed.
object(obj) name createqueryedit
The objects to be tuned.
region(r) [int, int, int, int] createqueryedit
The coordinates of the region to be tuned. The integers are in the sequence left bottom right top or x1,y2 x2,y2
resolution(res) boolean query
The width and height of the ipr file.
updatePort(up) string createqueryedit
The name of the port that is to be updated when pixel values are recomputed. (not currently supported)
update(u) boolean createedit
Force an update.
updateShading(us) boolean createqueryedit
Automatically update shading.
updateShaderGlow(usg) boolean createqueryedit
Automatically update when shader glow changes.
updateLightGlow(ulg) boolean createqueryedit
Automatically update when light glow changes.
updateMotionBlur(umb) boolean createqueryedit
Automatically update when 2.5D motion blur changes.
updateDepthOfField(udf) boolean createedit
Force a refresh of depth-of-field.
updateShadowMaps(usm) boolean createedit
Force the shadow maps to be generated and an update to occur.
startTuning(st) boolean createqueryedit
An ipr image has been specified and now changes to shading networks should force an image to be produced.
stopTuning(spt) boolean createqueryedit
Tuning should cease but ipr image should not be closed.
underPixel(un) [int, int] edit
Get list of objects under the pixel sprcified.
scanlineIncrement(sli) string createqueryedit
Set the scanline increment percentage. If the height of the region being update is 240 pixels, and the scanlineIncrement is 10% then the image will refresh blocks of 24 scanlines.
estimatedMemory(mem) boolean query
Displays the estimated memory being used by IPR.
motionVectorFile(mvf) boolean query
Returns the name of the motion vector file used by IPR.
showProgressBar(spb) boolean createqueryedit
Show progress bar during tuning.
relatedFiles(rel) boolean query
Returns the names for the related files, e.g, the non-glow-non-blur image, the motion vector file, and the depth-map files.
copy(cp) string edit
Copies the deep raster file, as well as its related files, to the new location.

Flag can appear in Create mode of command Flag can appear in Edit mode of command
Flag can appear in Query mode of command Flag can have multiple arguments, passed either as a tuple or a list.

Python examples

import maya.cmds as cmds

# Create a iprEngine and tell it about an already created ipr image.

# Tell the iprEngine about the region to update.
cmds.iprEngine( 'iprEngine1', e=True, region=(10, 10, 100, 100))

# Tell the iprEngine to watch changes and update pixels.
cmds.iprEngine( 'iprEngine1', e=True, startTuning=True )