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hotBox([PaneOnlyMenus=boolean], [PaneToggleMenus=boolean], [animationOnlyMenus=boolean], [animationToggleMenus=boolean], [clothOnlyMenus=boolean], [clothToggleMenus=boolean], [commonOnlyMenus=boolean], [commonToggleMenus=boolean], [customMenuSetsToggleMenus=boolean], [displayCenterOnly=boolean], [displayHotbox=boolean], [displayStyle=boolean], [displayZonesOnly=boolean], [dynamicsOnlyMenus=boolean], [dynamicsToggleMenus=boolean], [liveOnlyMenus=boolean], [liveToggleMenus=boolean], [noClickCommand=script], [noClickDelay=float], [noClickPosition=boolean], [noKeyPress=boolean], [polygonsOnlyMenus=boolean], [polygonsToggleMenus=boolean], [position=[uint, uint]], [release=boolean], [renderingOnlyMenus=boolean], [renderingToggleMenus=boolean], [rmbPopups=boolean], [showAllToggleMenus=boolean], [surfacesOnlyMenus=boolean], [surfacesToggleMenus=boolean], [transparenyLevel=int], [updateMenus=boolean])

Note: Strings representing object names and arguments must be separated by commas. This is not depicted in the synopsis.

hotBox is undoable, queryable, and NOT editable.

This command controls parameters related to the hotBox menubar palette. When the command is invoked with no flags, the hotBox is popped up.

Return value


In query mode, return type is based on queried flag.


PaneOnlyMenus, PaneToggleMenus, animationOnlyMenus, animationToggleMenus, clothOnlyMenus, clothToggleMenus, commonOnlyMenus, commonToggleMenus, customMenuSetsToggleMenus, displayCenterOnly, displayHotbox, displayStyle, displayZonesOnly, dynamicsOnlyMenus, dynamicsToggleMenus, liveOnlyMenus, liveToggleMenus, noClickCommand, noClickDelay, noClickPosition, noKeyPress, polygonsOnlyMenus, polygonsToggleMenus, position, release, renderingOnlyMenus, renderingToggleMenus, rmbPopups, showAllToggleMenus, surfacesOnlyMenus, surfacesToggleMenus, transparenyLevel, updateMenus
Long name (short name) Argument types Properties
updateMenus(um) boolean create
Reloads the hotBox menus from the main menubar. This flag is used when the menus in the main menubar are modified, and the hotBox menus need to be refreshed.
transparenyLevel(tr) int createquery
The percentage of transparency, from 0 to 100. Currently, only the values 0, 25, 50, 75 and 100 are supported. Any other values will be rounded off to the nearest supported value.
showAllToggleMenus(a) boolean createquery
Sets the visibility of all menus to on or off. When queried, will only return true if all menu rows are visible.
polygonsToggleMenus(plt) boolean createquery
surfacesToggleMenus(st) boolean createquery
animationToggleMenus(at) boolean createquery
dynamicsToggleMenus(dt) boolean createquery
renderingToggleMenus(rt) boolean createquery
clothToggleMenus(clt) boolean createquery
liveToggleMenus(lt) boolean createquery
commonToggleMenus(ct) boolean createquery
customMenuSetsToggleMenus(cst) boolean createquery
PaneToggleMenus(pt) boolean createquery
Sets the visibilty of a row of menus to on or off.
rmbPopups(rmb) boolean createquery
Enables/Disables a popup menu of the current function set. This popup menu appear when the right mouse button is pressed in the center zone of the hotbox.
polygonsOnlyMenus(plo) boolean createquery
surfacesOnlyMenus(so) boolean createquery
animationOnlyMenus(ao) boolean createquery
dynamicsOnlyMenus(do) boolean createquery
renderingOnlyMenus(ro) boolean createquery
clothOnlyMenus(clo) boolean createquery
liveOnlyMenus(lo) boolean createquery
commonOnlyMenus(co) boolean createquery
PaneOnlyMenus(po) boolean create
Sets a row of menus to be the only visible row.
noClickCommand(ncc) script create
The command to be executed if the hotBox is engaged and then disengaged within noClickDelay time units.
noClickDelay(ncd) float create
If the hotBox is engaged and then disengaged within this time interval, then the noClickCommand is executed. The time interval is in seconds. The default value is 0.1.
noClickPosition(ncp) boolean create
If a -noClickCommand has been specified then this flag will cause the X and Y screen coordinates of the mouse pointer to be appended as arguments to that command. The coordinates used are those of the pointer at the time when the hotbox command was initiated.
displayHotbox(dh) boolean createquery
displayZonesOnly(dzo) boolean createquery
displayCenterOnly(dco) boolean create
Three different display styles are defined for the hotBox. It can be fully displayed (dh), display only the marking menu zones (dzo) or no display (dco) which means that the entire screen can be used to access the marking menus defined in the center zone.
displayStyle(ds) boolean query
Returns a string that identifies the flag used to set the current display style. The results can be dh, dzo, or dco, depending on which style the hotBox is using at the moment.
release(rl) boolean createquery
Action to be called on the release of the key which invoked the hotbox
noKeyPress(nkp) boolean createquery
Normally the hotbox is popped by a pressing a keyboard key. Use the nkp flag to pop the hotbox from a device other than the keyboard (still use the rl flag to unpop the hotbox).
position(pos) [uint, uint] create
Specify the screen position the hotbox should be centered at next time it is displayed. The default is the cursor position.

Flag can appear in Create mode of command Flag can appear in Edit mode of command
Flag can appear in Query mode of command Flag can have multiple arguments, passed either as a tuple or a list.

Python examples

import maya.cmds as cmds

# Bind the hotBox to the spacebar.
cmds.nameCommand( 'NameComPop_hotBox', annotation='Pop Hotbox', command='hotBox' )
cmds.hotkey( k=' ', name='NameComPop_hotBox' )

# Give the hotBox a 'noClickCommand' which displays the screen position at
# which the hotBox was requested. Note that 'showPos' function is passed
# to the 'noClickCommand' flag as a function, not as a string. This is necessary
# to allow Maya to pass the coordinates to it properly.
def showPos(x, y):
    print("hotBox requested at (%d, %d)" % (x, y))

cmds.hotBox(noClickCommand=showPos, noClickPosition=True)