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batchRender([filename=string], [melCommand=string], [numProcs=int], [preRenderCommand=string], [remoteRenderMachine=string], [renderCommandOptions=string], [showImage=boolean], [useRemoteRender=boolean], [useStandalone=boolean], [verbosity=int])

Note: Strings representing object names and arguments must be separated by commas. This is not depicted in the synopsis.

batchRender is undoable, NOT queryable, and NOT editable.

The batchRender command is used to spawn off a separate rendering session of the current maya file. If no mayaFile is specified, it'll ask you whether you want the current job killed.

The batchRender will spawn a separate maya process in which commands will be communicated to it through a commandPort. If Maya is unable to find an available port an error will be produced. Maya will attempt to use ports 7835 through 7844.

Return value



filename, melCommand, numProcs, preRenderCommand, remoteRenderMachine, renderCommandOptions, showImage, useRemoteRender, useStandalone, verbosity
Long name (short name) Argument types Properties
filename(f) string create
Filename to be rendered; if empty, a temporary filename will be created.
melCommand(mc) string create
Mel command to execute to run a renderer other than the software renderer.
numProcs(n) int create
Number of processors to use (0 means use all available processors).
preRenderCommand(prc) string create
Command to be run prior to invoking mentalray standalone renderer.
remoteRenderMachine(rm) string create
Name of remote render machine. Not available on Windows.
renderCommandOptions(rco) string create
Arguments to the render command for mentalray standalone rendering.
showImage(si) boolean create
Show progress of the current rendering job.
useStandalone(us) boolean create
Batch rendering is to be done with mentalray standalone
useRemoteRender(um) boolean create
If remote rendering is desired. Not available on Windows.
verbosity(v) int create
Defines the verbosity level to report the batch rendering status:
  • 1: display only one start message, then one message when all frames are rendered.
  • 2: display only start and end frame messages.
  • 3: display all messages (default).

Flag can appear in Create mode of command Flag can appear in Edit mode of command
Flag can appear in Query mode of command Flag can have multiple arguments, passed either as a tuple or a list.

Python examples

import maya.cmds as cmds


cmds.batchRender( 'mayafile' )