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viewHeadOn [camera]

viewHeadOn is undoable, NOT queryable, and NOT editable.

The viewHeadOn command positions the specified camera so it is looking "down" the normal of the live object, and fitted to the live object. If the live object is a surface, an arbitrary normal is chosen.

Return value



camera, cameraView, dolly, listCameras, lookThru, orbit, roll, track, tumble, viewCamera, viewClipPlane, viewFit, viewLookAt, viewPlace, viewSet

MEL examples

// Create a new camera
string $cam[] = `camera` ;
string $camera = $cam[0] ;

// Create a polygonal cone, rotate it, make it live
string $object[] = `polyCone -ax 0 1 0` ;
rotate 15 30 45 ;
makeLive $object[0] ;

// Align the camera
viewHeadOn $camera ;

// Remove the live object
makeLive -none ;