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stroke [-name string] [-pressure boolean] [-seed int] [string]

stroke is undoable, NOT queryable, and NOT editable.

The stroke command creates a new Paint Effects stroke node.

Return value

string(The path to the new stroke or the replaced stroke)


dynPaintEditor, getDefaultBrush


name, pressure, seed
Long name (short name) Argument types Properties
-name(-n) string create
Sets the name of the stroke to the input string
-seed(-s) int create
Sets the random seed for this stroke.
-pressure(-pr) boolean create
On creation, allows the copying of the pressure mapping settings from the Paint Effects Tool. Default is false.

Flag can appear in Create mode of command Flag can appear in Edit mode of command
Flag can appear in Query mode of command Flag can be used more than once in a command.

MEL examples

stroke -s 10 -n "armScar";