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renameAttr is undoable, NOT queryable, and NOT editable.

Renames the given user-defined attribute to the name given in the string argument. If the new name conflicts with an existing name then this command will fail. Note that it is not legal to rename an attribute to the empty string.

Return value

stringThe new name. When undone returns the original name.


node, connection, rename, attribute, dynamic


addAttr, aliasAttr, attributeInfo, copyAttr, deleteAttr, getClassification, listAttr, nodeType, objExists, objectType, setAttr

MEL examples

sphere -n sph;
addAttr -sn ms -ln mass -dv 1.0 -min 0.001 -max 10000;
// Rename the long and short names separately
renameAttr sph.mass length;
renameAttr sph.ms ln;