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hitTest stringintint

hitTest is NOT undoable, NOT queryable, and NOT editable.

The hitTest command hit-tests a point in the named control and returns a list of items underneath the point. The point is specified in pixels with the origin (0,0) at the top-left corner. This position is compatible with the coordinates provided by a drop-callback. The types of items that may be returned depends upon the specific control; not all controls currently support hit-testing.

Return value

string[]items underneath the hit-point


hit, hittest, drag-and-drop

MEL examples

//	Let's say that you have the name of a model editor that was
//	created elsewhere.
string $editor = "MyModelEditor";
//	Attach a drop callback to this model editor.
string $control = `editor -query -control $editor`;
if (($control != "") && `control -exists $control`)
	control -edit -dropCallback ("myModelEditorDropCallback") $control;
//	Here's your drop callback:
global proc myModelEditorDropCallback(
	string $dragControl,
	string $dropControl,
	string $msgs[],
	int $x,
	int $y,
	int $type)
	//	Inside the callback we can hit-test the (x,y) drop-point
	//	against the control. This will return a list of DAG objects
	//	underneath the drop-point.
	string $objects[] = hitTest($dropControl, $x, $y);
	if (size($objects) > 0)
		//	The hit-test returned something. You can now do something
		//	with these objects.