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displayPref [-activeObjectPivots boolean] [-displayAffected boolean] [-displayGradient boolean] [-ghostFrames int int int] [-maxHardwareTextureResolution] [-maxTextureResolution int] [-purgeExistingTextures] [-regionOfEffect boolean] [-shadeTemplates boolean] [-textureDrawPixel boolean] [-wireframeOnShadedActive string]

displayPref is undoable, queryable, and NOT editable.

This command sets/queries the state of global display parameters.

Return value


In query mode, return type is based on queried flag.


currentUnit, displayAffected, displayColor, displayCull, displayLevelOfDetail, displayRGBColor, displaySmoothness, displayStats, displaySurface, hide, refresh, showHidden, toggle


activeObjectPivots, displayAffected, displayGradient, ghostFrames, maxHardwareTextureResolution, maxTextureResolution, purgeExistingTextures, regionOfEffect, shadeTemplates, textureDrawPixel, wireframeOnShadedActive
Long name (short name) Argument types Properties
-displayAffected(-da) boolean createquery
Turns on/off the special coloring of objects that are affected by the objects that are currently in the selection list. If one of the curves in a loft were selected and this feature were turned on, then the lofted surface would be highlighted because it is affected by the loft curve.
-regionOfEffect(-roe) boolean createquery
Turns on/off the display of the region of curves/surfaces that is affected by changes to selected CVs and edit points.
-activeObjectPivots(-aop) boolean createquery
Sets the display state for drawing pivots for active objects.
-wireframeOnShadedActive(-wsa) string createquery
Sets the display state for drawing the wireframe on active shaded objects. Possible values for the string argument are "full", "reduced" and "none".
-shadeTemplates(-st) boolean createquery
Turns on/off the display of templated surfaces as shaded in shaded display mode. If its off, templated surfaces appear in wireframe.
-ghostFrames(-gf) int int int createquery
Sets the ghosting frame preferences: steps before, steps after and step size.
-textureDrawPixel(-tdp) boolean createquery
Sets the display mode for drawing image planes. True for use of gltexture calls for perspective views. This flag should not normally be needed. Image Planes may display faster on Windows but can result in some display artifacts.
-maxTextureResolution(-mtr) int createquery
Sets the maximum hardware texture resolution to be used when creating hardware textures for display. The maximum will be clamped to the maximum allowable texture determined for the hardware at the time this command is invoked. Use the -maxHardwareTextureResolution to retrieve this maximum value. Existing hardware textures are not affected. Only newly created textures will be clamped to this maximum.
-maxHardwareTextureResolution(-mhr) query
Query the maximum allowable hardware texture resolution available on the current video card. This maximum can vary between different video cards and different operating systems.
-purgeExistingTextures(-pet) create
Purge any existing hardware textures. This will force a re-evaluation of hardware textures used for display, and thus may take some time to evaluate.
-displayGradient(-dgr) boolean createquery
Set whether to display the background using a colored gradient as opposed to a constant background color.

Flag can appear in Create mode of command Flag can appear in Edit mode of command
Flag can appear in Query mode of command Flag can be used more than once in a command.

MEL examples

// Turn on the display of affected objects
  displayPref -displayAffected on;

  // Query whether affected objects will be displayed
  // in a special color or not.
  displayPref -q -displayAffected;
  // Result: 1 //

  // Turn on full wireframes on active shaded objects
  displayPref -wireframeOnShadedActive "full";