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This node defines an infinite plane perpendicular to the Z axis, passing through the origin, (i.e the X-Y plane). It is a non-renderable object which appears as a 2cm x 2cm square centered about the origin.

Sketch planes can be used as a "live" construction surface (using the makeLive command or interactively). When live, the sketch plane replaces the ground plane as the "surface" on which points are placed when using one of the curve creation tools or on which objects are moved relative to. By transforming the sketch plane, planar curves can be created in arbitrary planes or objects can be moved in an arbitrary plane.A live sketch plane is drawn with an internal grid. The planeDivisionSpacing determines the size of the grid squares. These grid squares are further subdivided based on the number of planeDivisions.
Node name Parents MFn type Compatible function sets
sketchPlane plane kSketchPlane kBase