Selecting Multiline Text That Uses TrueType Fonts Slows Performance

This update corrects a problem that causes performance to slow when TrueType text is selected.

Description of Problem

Selecting multiline text (mtext) that was created using some TrueType fonts with different widths can significantly slow system performance.

Affected Products

Installation Instructions

To install the file on the target computer

  1. Close AutoCAD and all other applications, and log in as Administrator.
  2. Download the updated dswhip.dll file to a temporary location.
  3. Navigate to the folder where AutoCAD 2004 is installed, usually c:\Program Files\AutoCAD 2004.
  4. Select the dswhip.dll file, press F2, and then enter a new name; for example, BACKUP_dswhip.dll.
  5. Locate the dswhip.dll file that you downloaded, right-click it, and then click Copy.
  6. In the AutoCAD 2004 folder, right-click, and then click Paste.

Note: To uninstall this fix, delete the dswhip.dll file in the AutoCAD 2004 folder, and then rename the backup file you saved in the folder to dswhip.dll.