Autodesk® DWG Viewer

Service Pack 1 – November 2004




Before installation you should shut down any open applications.


1. To install the DWG Viewer Service Pack 1 interactively, you must first copy the self-extracting DWGViewerSP1.exe to your hard drive before running it.  After copying, go to the folder where the self-extracting exe DWGViewerSP1.exe resides and run it from there to install the patch.  Note that there will be files unpacked in the directory where you run DWGViewerSP1.exe.


2. To install the DWG Viewer SP1 (DWGViewerSP1.msp) from a script, run the self-extracting DWGViewerSP1.exe to unpack the files and access the service pack file DWGViewerSP1.msp.  You can then apply the patch from within the script using this command:


msiexec  /p  DWGViewerSP1.msp  REINSTALL=System_Files  REINSTALLMODE=omus 


- The DWG Viewer Service Pack 1 is a very small update and the Windows Installer requires a re-installation for this type of update.


Specific Problem Fixes


1. Defect 554688 – Switching to Thumbnail View or selecting certain DWF files causes a runtime error in Microsoft Windows File Explorer.


When you ran Microsoft File Explorer after the DWG Viewer 1.0 was installed, a runtime error would occur when you switched to thumbnail view and DWF files exist in the current folder.  This problem was fixed in DWG Viewer Service Pack 1.