Autodesk® DWF Composer

Service Pack 1 – November 2004




Before installation you should shut down any open applications.


1. To use the interactive install method, simply double-click on the DWFComposerSP1.msp file.


2. To run the installation from a script, use the following command line:


    msiexec  /p  DWFComposerSP1.msp  /qn /L*v <logfile>


Specific Problem Fixes


1. Defect 571598 – Drawing units can be incorrect when viewports overlap.


This fixes a problem where two viewports overlapped and the viewports used different scaled units. When two viewports overlapped, the DWF Composer 1.0 product would select the first viewport encountered and use its scale for showing measurements. The patched code uses the units found in the smallest viewport encountered. For example, if you have a DWF file with two viewports, one large one (drawn first) where 1” = 10’, and a small inset viewport where 1” = 1’, DWF Composer 1.0 would incorrectly use 1” = 10’ when measurements were made in the inset viewport. The patch always uses the units of the smallest viewport found when a measurement is made, avoiding any viewport draw-order dependency.


2. Defect 594366 – Bi-tonal image files print blank when printing the Current View while zoomed in.


Black and white images, such as bi-tonal TIFF’s and CALS/MIL image files, would sometimes print incorrectly. Specifically, when you zoomed in on some portions of a black and white image and the current view was selected for printing, the underlying image would shift or disappear during printing.


3. Defect 560537 – Certain DWF files initially refuse to open, then appear completely blank.


Older style DWF files (for example, version 5.5) exported from products such as AutoCAD 2002 occasionally include some poorly-formed text information for text along the extreme right edge of a drawing. This incorrect data causes the drawing to be read incorrectly in DWF Composer 1.0, and the DWF will not display at all. The defect fix makes DWF Composer ignore any poorly formed text information encountered and displays the DWF correctly.


4.  Defect 586276 – Windows XP Service Pack 2 displays a warning every time a DWF is opened through Internet Explorer.


When the Windows XP Service Pack 2 is installed on a system and you are using DWF Composer 1.0 in embedded mode in Internet Explorer, you keep getting warnings every time a DWF file is opened.  This fix will suppress all but the first warning during the embedded mode session in Internet Explorer, and will now run without any warning messages in stand-alone mode. 


5. (No associated defect number) - Custom paper sizes do not update in the combo-box drop-down after changes are made in the “Printer – Properties” dialog.


This has been fixed in DWF Composer Service Pack 1; the paper sizes now update.