Autodesk Maya 2015 Release Notes 

Thank you for downloading Autodesk® Maya® 2015.

This document describes known limitations, issues and fixes in Autodesk Maya 2015. It is strongly recommended that you read this document before you install this release. For reference, you should save this readme to your hard drive or print a copy.

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The following list contains bug numbers and corresponding descriptions for issues fixed in this release.

Bug Number Description
Animation Character  
MAYA-12299 Skinning : Fixed a problem where Undo after Painting Weights may sometimes provide unexpected results
MAYA-21886 Skinning : Fixed a crash when running cleanUpScene.mel on Linux
MAYA-22108 IK : Fixed a problem where getAttr -t returns wrong values for IK spline solver
MAYA-22111 Performance : Fixed a lag when redrawing manipulated curves in Graph Editor
MAYA-23456 Skinning : Fixed a problem with some influences not being shown in the Component Editor UI
MAYA-23505 Skinning : Fixed a problem when saving Closest component for Mirror Skin Weights options
MAYA-23636 Deformer : Fixed a crash when using Duplicate Special with Input Graph activated
MAYA-24866 Skinning : Fixed a problem where painting smooth skin weights can cause vertices to pop
MAYA-25400 Joint : Fixed a problem with removeJoint command
MAYA-25717 Skinning : Fixed a problem with skinCluster command
MAYA-26924 Skinning : Fixed a problem where you can't bind skin when shape is hidden
MAYA-27960 Blendshape : Fixed a problem where evaluation on all geometry is triggered, even though they are not deformed
MAYA-28168 Skinning : Fixed a bind error with Heat Map option and a small scale
MAYA-29407 Blendshape : Fixed a problem where only the first blendShape is working
MAYA-29710 Paint Blend Shape Weights Tool : Fixed a problem where the second target shape on a base object is disconnected
MAYA-30851 Blendshape : Fixed a problem where weight value of connected blendShape node is not updated
MAYA-34999 Performance: Fixed a problem with blendShape weight values not propagated correctly when created via API
Animation General  
MAYA-3311 Performance : Improved file I/O performance for animation
MAYA-11325 Constraints : Fixed a problem with parent constraint not respecting inverse scale connection between joints
MAYA-11644 Graph Editor : Fixed a problem with animCurve look changing at a certain zoom factor
MAYA-13994 Fixed a problem with MAnimMessage callbacks not invoked by API
MAYA-15231 Fixed a problem when using the outer ring of the rotate manipulator
MAYA-15452 Constraints : Fixed a problem with Parent Constraint not maintaining offset correctly
MAYA-16600 Fixed a problem with cyclic evaluations when transforms were evaluated
MAYA-18962 Fixed a crash when using an empty mesh as a deformer (such as a lattice)
MAYA-20738 Fixed a problem where autokey sets keys to 0 for attributes of type time
MAYA-21275 FBX : Fixed a problem where FBX animation was not loaded when in File > Open dialog
MAYA-22381 Fixed Playblast command documentation where it indicated that offscreen is only supported on Linux
MAYA-22434 Playblast : Ensure custom applications can be used to visualize image sequences
MAYA-22492 Fixed a timing error when looping animation in the timeline
MAYA-22535 AnimLayers : Fixed a problem where muting an animation layer can cause it to disappear when reloading the scene
MAYA-23075 ATOM : Fixed an issue where atom import would fail if constraints and namespaces were involved
MAYA-23383 Constraints : Fixed an issue where constraints are not updated when inheritsTransform state is modified
MAYA-23543 Docs : Fixed some inaccuracies in Playblast command (MEL and Python)
MAYA-23629 Keying : changed the Channel Box Key All option to a Key All Keyable option
MAYA-23700 Fixed a selection issue with objects that have shader overrides
MAYA-23896 Playblast : Fixed a problem where QuickTime movies output on Windows are a frame short
MAYA-24155 Fixed a crash when undoing the creation of an orient constraint on a joint
MAYA-24231 AnimLayers : Fixed a problem where the Layers menu can become greyed out in the Animation Editor
MAYA-24288 Playblast : Fixed a crash in Fcheck when playblasting animation with sound
MAYA-24383 Fixed a problem where deleting MPxThreadedDeviceNode does not terminate secondary thread
MAYA-24444 Fixed a performance issue where the Graph Editor is slow when displaying many animation curves on Windows
MAYA-24620 Graph Editor : Fixed an issue where the Retimer would put the Graph Editor into a stuck state
MAYA-24956 Playblast : Fixed a playblast crash in batch mode
MAYA-25127 Graph Editor : Fixed a performance issue when selecting a massive amount of keys in the Graph Editor
MAYA-25868 Docs : Fixed the bindMethod attribute description
MAYA-25999 Cameras : Fixed the turntable functionality so that Z-up is supported
MAYA-26198 Graph Editor : Fixed an issue where animation curve infinity configuration was not preserved between file load
MAYA-26246 Fixed an issue where u hotkey is not working in Paint BlendShape Weights
You can now use the hotkey u to access the marking menu for the Paint Blend Shape Weights Tool.
MAYA-26449 Fixed an issue where deleteAttr is slow with many attributes
MAYA-27006 Skinning : Fixed an issue with Prune Small Weights
MAYA-27382 AnimLayers : Fixed a crash when an empty string parent was specified.
MAYA-27405 Graph Editor : Fixed an issue where Channel Box selection remains after selecting an animation curve in the Graph Editor
MAYA-27808 Fixed an issue with undo in autokey mode while using the channel sliders
MAYA-27850 Fixed an issue where a joint driven by an IK handle and a direct connection gives different results in interactive versus batch mode
MAYA-27916 Fixed an issue with timeline color changes that were affecting users
MAYA-28167 Fixed an issue where extension attributes are locked when keyed
MAYA-28304 Skinning : Fixed an issue with scripts that attempt to extract information about non-existent contexts
MAYA-29214 Graph Editor: Fixed an issue where Show Buffer Curves impacts performance by modifying selection
MAYA-29563 Deformers : Added single/multiple shrinkwrap node behavior as an option
MAYA-30724 Fixed a crash on file open
MAYA-30956 AnimLayers : Fixed an issue where Euler filter doesn't work when using animLayers
MAYA-31066 Trax : Fixed an issue with dynamic doubleAngle attributes
MAYA-31250 Fixed a performance issue with shrinkwrap
MAYA-31773 AnimLayers: Fixed an issue with copy/paste keys for boolean and enum attributes
MAYA-32714 Fixed a crash on File > New after issuing recordAttr
MAYA-32996 Docs : Updated keyingGroup command documentation to make examples work correctly
MAYA-33110 Fixed an issue with undo when dragging a value with a custom attribute
MAYA-33153 Timeline : Fixed an issue with a pause during playback loop
MAYA-33681 Fixed an issue where setting an attribute with autokey requires two undos to remove key
MAYA-34681 Fixed an issue with bindPose on referenced file
Animation Nonlinear  
MAYA-6052 Fixed a problem with expanding animClip channel offsets in Attribute Editor being slow
MAYA-18932 Sequencer : Fixed a problem with scrubbing in Sequencer not invoking callback
MAYA-20064 Sequencer : Fixed a problem where deleting an imagePlane also deletes the connected shot node
MAYA-20387 Sequencer : Fixed problem with camera names in the Sequencer
MAYA-26189 Sequencer : Fixed a problem where deleting the camera also deletes the connected shot node
MAYA-29420 Sequencer : Fixed a problem where playback is slow in real time mode
MAYA-30348 Fixed a problem with shot command not working in batch mode
MAYA-32572 Sequencer : Fixed a crash when creating a new shot node
MAYA-33470 Sequencer : Fixed an issue with shot group UI
MAYA-1638 Fixed a problem with querying dgtimer callback metrics in python
MAYA-9320 API : Added an equivalent of removeMultiInstance
MAYA-18756 API : Improved performance for MFnSingleIndexedComponent::getElements() method
MAYA-19305 Fixed a problem where loadPlugin fails to find/load plug-in specifically if the basename suffix is the same as the platform extension
MAYA-21563 Expose APIs in MPxSurfaceShape class for soft select transformations
MAYA-21901 Added example in devkit plug-in apiMeshShape for MPxComponentShape::weightedTweakUsing() function
MAYA-22495 Constraint : Fixed an issue where the MFnDagNode and MFnTransform API classes could not be instantiated with a symmetry constraint object.
MAYA-22723 API added in MNodeClass to selectively disable swatch rendering
MAYA-23134 Fixed a precision problem when parsing double values
MAYA-26004 Fixed documentation of textScrollList in html code
MAYA-27349 Fixed a failure of .NET SDK with PythonDotNet
MAYA-28157 Fixed a memory leak and crash with TextScrollListCmd
MAYA-30258 addCallback : Fixed an issue with kAfterNew message where the registered function is called before it should be
MAYA-32162 addAttr : Fixed an issue with dynamic attributes losing their properties after the scene is saved and reloaded
MAYA-19832 Fixed an issue with Bullet not exporting collision name properly
Cache Representation - Alembic  
MAYA-14466 Alembic: Fixed an issue for AbcExport to take Scale Compensate into account
MAYA-20142 AbcExport : Improved the performance of util::isAnimated() for complex rigging
MAYA-23168 Alembic : Added UI options for exporting color sets and face sets
Cache Representation - Baked Geometry  
MAYA-16220 Fixed a crash when exporting an empty mesh with GPU cache
MAYA-17016 GPU Cache : Fixed a problem with exporting multiple hierarchies to multiple files
Data Transfer  
MAYA-27861 Direct Connect : Fixed a crash when importing JT files
MAYA-30581 Obj export : Fixed an issue when exporting a file node connected to a Lambert shader
MAYA-15287 Fixed a problem with html docs not wrapping to window size
MAYA-21042 Fixed an error in the hyperShade documentation
MAYA-22383 Fixed an error in the playblast command documentation
MAYA-23411 Fixed an error in the hairSystemShape documentation
MAYA-23666 Fixed an issue with scriptTable Python example
MAYA-24892 Fixed an error in the hairSystem node documentation
MAYA-26206 Doc: Added documentation for Selection Child Highlighting in the User Guide
MAYA-26936 Fixed an error in the recordAttr command documentation
MAYA-30898 Sequencer : Fixed an error in the sequencer documentation
MAYA-22945 Fixed a crash for some MFnParticleSystem methods when status defaulted (or set) to NULL
External Plugins  
MAYA-31637 Fixed a problem with the Bonus Tools page from Help menu
File Referencing  
MAYA-10407 Fixed a problem where referencing a MEL file creates a reference node every time you open a scene
MAYA-13522 Fixed an issue to allow the switching of render layers with unloaded references in certain cases
MAYA-18650 Fixed an issue where placeholder namespace mapping was not working correctly with offline (parent) edit on Export To Offline file.
MAYA-21806 Fixed a problem with resolving file names permanently
MAYA-22581 Fixed an issue where referencing a scene with a child reference does not properly convert units
MAYA-23227 File referencing: Fixed a problem with the evaluation of expressions during file load which could result in errors or incomplete file load
MAYA-24045 Fixed an issue where referenced character set is incorrectly updated when changed
MAYA-24865 Fixed an issue where reloading a reference is asking for the file paths again
MAYA-25730 Fixed an issue where relationship command (light linker) is causing larger scene files
MAYA-26477 Fixed a problem where parent reference edits are not persistent
MAYA-27568 Fixed a crash when unloading reference after mental ray plug-in is unloaded
MAYA-27877 Fixed an issue with display layers when referencing an object with layers
MAYA-28376 Fixed an issue with nested reference load state being lost
MAYA-28547 Fixed an issue where the Load saved reference load state is not being respected in certain cases
MAYA-29111 Fixed an issue where unloading a locked reference node will prompt a dialog
MAYA-33408 Fixed an issue with adding target to parent constraint after saving/reopening a file containing a reference
File I/O
MAYA-3095 Fixed a problem where storable state of dynamic attributes is lost after saving scene
MAYA-9444 Fixed an issue where file -modified command doesn't remove the asterisk next to the file name in the Maya window title
MAYA-16949 Ensure project/workspace that contain multiple-bytes characters will open/save scene files on systems using different languages
MAYA-21751 Fixed an issue where options used to reference files using MPxFileTranslator are not retained in main Maya scene
MAYA-22281 Fixed an issue to populate the File Name field with the existing saved scene name when Save As is invoked
MAYA-24676 Fixed a crash with FBX Export commands
MAYA-25122 Fixed a problem where expressions don't preserve unique long names for underworld nodes
MAYA-27742 Fixed errors with incremental save when the file name does not exist on disk 
MAYA-28616 Fixed an issue with exporting construction history on selected nodes
MAYA-32038 Fixed an issue where archiving scene doesn't include entire image sequence texture
MAYA-25267 Fixed a crash when turning off a grid on a cached auto-resize fluid
MAYA-6288 Fixed a crash with loading unknown node type with compound multi attributes
MAYA-12130 Fixed a crash when instancing an object containing custom dynamic attributes
MAYA-21564 Added TdbTrace stub to TdagObject
MAYA-22459 Fixed an issue where 3dPaintTextures auto-renames incorrectly when scene name changes (if sourceimages/3dPaintTextures is in the 3dPaintTextures workspace path)
MAYA-22699 Fixed an issue with the getAttr command documentation
MAYA-23714 Prevent a crash when calling currentCallbackId() after the current callback has been removed
MAYA-24583 Fixed a crash when replacing custom dynamic attributes with extension attributes
MAYA-24594 Fixed an issue with Node Editor not supporting Mac OS X one-button mode
MAYA-25019 Fixed a problem where plug-ins that are derived from MPxDataType won't unload
MAYA-26142 Added option to force the Legacy Default Viewport size
MAYA-26262 File I/O: Fixed a problem where exportAsReference can cause Maya to crash under certain conditions
MAYA-26330 Fixed the value setting in intSliderGrp and floatSliderGrp to properly use the slider group set function
MAYA-28565 Fixed an issue where Increment and Save doesn't add the file name to the Recently Open file list
MAYA-29201 Fixed a performance issue with NURBS curve
MAYA-29316 Fixed an issue where deleting the outputGeometry node deletes the entire network
MAYA-30003 Fixed a MEL memory read error that leads to a crash
MAYA-30513 Fixed a crash when Playblast in batch mode on Linux
MAYA-30839 Fixed a crash when loading a scene file
MAYA-31599 Fixed an issue where needs _NOL10N() defined at top of file to be able to import script without localization
MAYA-31772 Fixed an issue where DG profile column headers are indicating milliseconds instead of seconds 
MAYA-32163 Fixed an issue where dynamic attribute readable and writable states are not written to scene file
MAYA-14026 HIK : Fixed a problem where Full Body keying group appears multiple times in the Graph Editor
MAYA-14045 HIK : Fixed an issue when changing the rotation order on the HIK rig
MAYA-16929 HIK : Fixed an issue with control rig IK effectors local axis
MAYA-16941 HIK : Fixed an issue to allow double-evaluation on auxiliaries
MAYA-19106 HIK : Fixed an issue where keying groups are not exported with Export Selection
MAYA-21043 HIK : Fixed a problem with rotation interpolation
MAYA-21551 HIK : Added support for removing animation from animLayers after a bake
MAYA-21595 HIK : Fixed an issue where Character Controls T/R elements were not updating properly
MAYA-25119 HIK : Fixed an issue when baking auxiliary effector
MAYA-25123 HIK : Fixed an issue where FK joints have non zero values after characterization
MAYA-26047 HIK : Added a warning when trying to change accumulation parameters on non empty layers
MAYA-26058 HIK : Fixed an issue when keying in autokey
MAYA-26221 HIK : Fixed a problem with Global Scale using Human IK on Mac OS X and Linux
MAYA-26647 HIK : Fixed a crash when pasting keys on timeline
MAYA-30108 HIK : Fixed an issue with head effector behaving as if it is always pinned on rotation
MAYA-30114 HIK : Fixed a typo in add to selection FK script
MAYA-31912 HIK : Fixed an issue to prevent baking of non animatable properties on the rig
MAYA-33805 HIK : Fixed an issue where Body Part keying groups were missing on the FK nodes
MAYA-34285 HIK : Fixed a crash when scaling baked curves in Graph Editor
MAYA-28163 Documentation and Support folder provide .6 versions of libssl and libcrypto but want .10 versions
MAYA-24740 License error when attempting to batch bake with Turtle using T1MF license
MAYA-22570 Fixed an issue to change file textures Attribute to paint list for 3D Paint Tool in Simplified Chinese and Japanese UI mode
mental ray  
MAYA-12865 Fixed a crash with miLabel on particleShape or nParticleShape during mental ray render
MAYA-13111 Fixed a crash with mayabase shader while rendering with mental ray
MAYA-15089 Fixed a crash when creating render layer while IPR is running
MAYA-22532 Fixed an issue where imported mesh causes distorted flakes in mia shader
MAYA-22868 Fixed an issue where scenes with motion blur and large scale are not working well with BSP2
MAYA-23371 Fixed an issue where mental ray is not reading the alpha channel in a dds texture correctly
MAYA-23628 Fixed an issue with photon map generation
MAYA-25470 Fixed a crash with motion blurred object lights in mental ray
MAYA-25780 Fixed an issue where interpolation flag of the Z framebuffer is ignored in Adaptive Sampling mode
MAYA-26432 Fixed an issue with mental ray depth buffer
MAYA-28640 Fixed an issue where Framebuffer > Premultiply > Off in the mental ray Render Settings does not work with Unified Sampling mode
MAYA-31064 Fixed an issue where image plane casts shadows when rendered with mental ray
MAYA-31276 Fixed an issue with the mental ray render flags on image plane transform nodes
MAYA-34851 Fixed an issue where Skip existing frames causes mental ray batch renders to hang on Mac
Meta Data  
MAYA-30386 Fixed an issue where applyMetadata commands are not selected when using Export selection
MAYA-144 Edit Mesh > Bevel: new faces are left unshaded
MAYA-1349 Mesh crease data: Maya crashes when querying non-numeric data
MAYA-1747 Edit Curves->Modify Curves->Lock Length does not work correctly
MAYA-1842 UV Texture Editor - selected texture border edges are difficult to see
MAYA-6166 Transfer Attributes between meshes that are topologically different using the Sample space = Component setting, then Layout UVs on destination mesh may cause instability
MAYA-10249 Per face material assignment for polygon object without history is lost after combine (polyUnite)
MAYA-11328 Crash on undo after attempt to bridge an edge loop border with another
MAYA-12323 Tool context for creating NURBS does not respect the setting for degrees and always uses the default 3
MAYA-13918 Select Edge Loop crashes when selecting edges on polygons with deleteEdge history
MAYA-14377 The second UVset is deleted when the default map1 is renamed
MAYA-16144 Black vertex color may not be saved with scene file correctly
MAYA-17367 Pre-selection highlighting will display components that are hidden with Isolate select
MAYA-17411 Drag selection with Camera based paint selection does not work when selecting edges
MAYA-19338 Incorrect results with bevel when units are in inches
MAYA-20095 Vertex snapping may crash when using camera based selection
MAYA-20853 Soft selection doesn't work with custom plug-in shapes and components
MAYA-20905 Maya may become unstable when using Quad Draw on combined meshes with history
MAYA-21065 Bevel after boolean operation deletes the shader
MAYA-21356 Heads Up Display->Poly Count: crash when deleting history on mesh in Smooth Mesh Preview
MAYA-21895 TmidBodyVtxIterator::normal() is wrong
MAYA-22033 UVs can't be selected in the UV Texture Editor after Unitize and moving a shell of a set of extracted faces
MAYA-22063 Topological Symmetry does not work as expected with open surfaces
MAYA-22120 Vertex tangents are wrong with extremely large scale meshes
MAYA-22162 MTK | Mesh editing tools do not stay active upon file save
MAYA-22309 MTK | Switching tools while in UV component mode puts you into Multi-Component mode
MAYA-22454 Hardcoded 3dPaintTextures path used in Maya code will cause unexpected Maya behavior, if the 3dPaintTextures string is in the 3dPaintTextures project setting
MAYA-23070 Fixed a crash with polySeparate on certain meshes
MAYA-23145 Smooth Mesh Preview inhibits display of color sets other than the first
MAYA-23238 Delete Vertex shortcut on Mac OS X is wrong
MAYA-23797 Modeling Toolkit: Symmetry only works with pivot in Local mode
MAYA-23986 Instability issues with certain meshes when using Append to Polygon and Extrude
MAYA-24622 Quad Draw should not Pre-select highlight components behind tri (reference) mesh
MAYA-24654 Crash while cutting the mesh using Quad Draw in Viewport 2.0 while UV Texture Editor is open
MAYA-25173 Selection slows down when camera based selection is turned on
MAYA-25365 Quad Draw Relax: Interior vertices does not always prevent border vertices from being affected
MAYA-25684 Split: Turning on Insert with Edge Flow and changing Adjust Edge Flow on the polySplit node has no effect
MAYA-25879 Quad Draw - insert edge loop sometimes fails to draw complete edge loop
MAYA-25990 Fixed a performance issue when using the Soft Select tool 
MAYA-26000 modelingToolkit plug-in constantly prints polySelectConstraint command to Script Editor
MAYA-26607 Bevel corners may produce unwanted polygons and poor connections between the newly created faces
MAYA-26619 Tumble: Tumble on object option is not respected when in Polygon Multi-Component mode
MAYA-26683 Manipulator handle won't reset after hitting hotkey
MAYA-26686 Camera-based selection is erratic
MAYA-26718 Quad Draw Relax: Border Vertices should relax only the vertices on the borders which were part of the initial Pre-selection Highlighting at the start of the relax operation
MAYA-26738 Move tool Shift-MMB on component selection does not work until manipulator is clicked
MAYA-27408 Opening file with polyEdgeToCurve with empty input mesh or no input mesh may cause crash
MAYA-27467 UV Texture Editor: View > Isolate Select issues
MAYA-27724 Shading assignments may be lost on some faces after switching the boolean operation or when animating meshes with a boolean operation
MAYA-27963 Normal method not displayed correctly
MAYA-27977 Slow performance when Crease Set Editor is visible and performing duplicate on objects with creases
MAYA-28447 Boolean operations with meshes that contain n-sided faces may cause some triangles to not get shader assignments
MAYA-28511 Multi-Cut fails to cut along the same edges more than once
MAYA-28561 Camera-based selection very slow on Mac OS X with moderately high density geometry and becomes unusable with Pre-selection Highlighting on.
MAYA-28864 Bevel segments edges are not parallel
MAYA-29006 Crease Set Editor should save/restore window size/position as a windowPref
MAYA-29930 Quad Draw: Deleting Border Edges (Ctrl+LMB) does not delete faces
MAYA-30445 Quad Draw: Soft selection falloff is displayed when deleting faces but not when deleting edge loops
MAYA-30548 Soft select in the UV Texture Editor can still be in effect after toggling it to off using the b key
MAYA-30738 Quad Draw Relax does not undo properly
MAYA-32544 Cursor display gets stuck in Multi-Cut mode in Viewport 2.0
MAYA-32568 Any tool applied at the object level will affect child instead of a parent object even when child is hidden
MAYA-33112 Multi-Cut can't draw cut lines on meshes far from Maya's world origin (0, 0, 0)
MAYA-33639 Best Plane Texturing Tool is broken
MAYA-34301 When using the Multi-Cut tool, Pre-selection highlighting edges on long edged polygon doesn't work
MAYA-34302 Depending on camera distance and angle, Multi-Cut cursor may not allow for cut on simple mesh
Multiple Representation  
MAYA-22429 Fixed a crash with Mayapy when opening a high memory consuming scene file
MAYA-23649 Allow custom representations to leave nodes in the scene when they are deactivated
MAYA-24910 Fixed an issue where duplicating grouped Scene Assembly References fail
MAYA-25047 Fixed Assembly node compute method
MAYA-26178 Fixed a selection issue when duplicating a grouped scene assembly reference
MAYA-26202 Fixed an issue where duplicating grouped scene assemblies does not maintain expected transformations
MAYA-26951 Fixed an issue to make nested assembly node duplication respect Group Under option of Duplicate Special.
MAYA-29623 Deleting scene assembly reference nodes connected to non-deletable nodes creates a condition where non-deleteable's are deleted (hyperGraphLayout.msg -> AR.hyperLayout connection)
MAYA-31099 Fixed an issue where representations are not restored on undo of delete of an assemblyReference node
MAYA-3855 Fixed an issue to separate stretch and compression maps
MAYA-11132 Fixed an issue where nCloth transform nConstraint on two separate objects causes double transform when animated
MAYA-22672 Fixed a crash with geometry cache on partially mapped mesh
MAYA-22876 Fixed an issue where input attract on nCloth becomes much stronger with higher substeps
MAYA-10805 Fixed an issue where time step computation is wrong for first solve step when frame rate is not 24fps
MAYA-23856 Fixed an issue where updating the sample density value on the follicle node does not immediately display more CVs 
MAYA-27429 Fixed a problem where batch caching is off by 1 frame in interactive mode
MAYA-29629 Fixed a problem where batch caching is off by 1 frame; specifically, fixed these two issues:
1. When batch caching a hair system on animated geometry, the hair attachment could be off by one frame from the geometry
2. For 2 or more hair systems with only output curves (no paint effects) using the same nucleus solver, the draw of the output curves for the 2nd and subsequent hair systems was off by one frame.
MAYA-30852 Fixed a problem where nHair follicle Dynamics Override ramps have no effect
MAYA-30853 Fixed a problem with nHair follicle Override Dynamics
MAYA-24099 Fixed an nParticle crash when meshTriangleSize is too small
Paint Effects  
MAYA-17154 Fixed an issue where converted toon line with backfacing creases OFF appears incorrect
MAYA-25726 Fixed an issue where API clashes with XCode 4 and OS X 10.8 in openGLclass use
MAYA-1491 DDS with cubemap and mipchain is not loadable using image command
MAYA-13331 Fixed an issue where the HLSL plug-in fails to map to correct files if the plug-in is reloaded
MAYA-15751 JPEG images now write out with the correct pixel aspect ratio
MAYA-16315 renderWindowEditor command gives error: Only one instance of this panel type allowed: renderWindowEditor (with no Render View open)
MAYA-17094 Viewport 2.0 color gain not working when connected via Env node
MAYA-17986 Post render callback doesn't fire with offscreen playblasts in Viewport 2.0
MAYA-18848 Fixed Default Texture Data feature for plug-in shaders
MAYA-18955 Fixed an issue where strings such as $currentRendererName are printed in the Script Editor continuously when Viewport 2.0 is used
MAYA-19489 Fixed an issue where BC7 compressed dds textures produce an error
MAYA-20882 Wrong setting in project file of cgfx shader under devkit plug-ins directory
MAYA-20947 ATI Radeon + Viewport 2.0 GL only: GPU Instancing makes textured objects turn grey
Previously, with AMD video cards in OpenGL mode, instanced objects with textures (in certain scenes) may randomly lose their textures. This bug has now been fixed.
MAYA-21003 Fixed a Viewport 2.0 corruption problem on Linux
MAYA-21030 Loading cgfx shader in batch mode on a farm machine exits Maya
MAYA-22050 Set Preferred Preset has no effect on Image Format (Render Settings) when it should
MAYA-22346 Fixed an issue where Maya does not return error to Perl script when files are not written
MAYA-22614 Render Settings window unusable after being closed when minimized
MAYA-22615 Ramp and other procedural textures will not evaluate for Playblast during startup
MAYA-22620 Image viewing application preferences are not consistent across various access points and cause different failures
Image viewers and editors now default to Fcheck and respects custom preferences on all platforms.
MAYA-22738 Added an utility to check if we are using remote desktop (Windows only)
Maya checks for use of remote desktop. Remote desktop should not be used for Viewport 2.0, but when it is used, Maya does not crash.
MAYA-22783 Depth images are being written out with incorrect extension (Hardware 2.0 renderer)
Previously, if you write out depth for a given renderable camera used for batch rendering, the file type would match the original file type. This meant that the contents didn't match the file type.
Now, depth files are always named <filename>_depth.iff.
MAYA-22984 Fixed an issue with multiple color sets in Viewport 2.0 with display smooth mesh activated
MAYA-23152 Ubershader: Fixed typo in anisotropic specular (WardAniso() code in AutodeskUberShader.fx)
MAYA-23185 Legacy Default Viewport only: lots of CPV and per-face shading not displaying on polygons
MAYA-23263 Fixed an issue with duplicated HLSL shaders
MAYA-23288 mia_material presets Glazed Ceramic, Glossy Plastic, Matte Plastic have transparency set incorrectly
MAYA-23493 Fixed a problem with setAttr not working on some attributes
MAYA-23558 Vertex color streams contain the wrong data with multiple MPxShaderOverride materials on a mesh
MAYA-23561 Fixed a problem where the HLSL shader plug-in loses set parameter value
MAYA-23590 Batch Rendering: dx11Shader to lambert feature doesn't work in mental ray Batch
When batch rendering, add the MEL procedure to the Pre render MEL field of the Render Settings window: Common tab.
MAYA-23795 Viewport 2.0 and depth of field not calculating fluid volumes
MAYA-23914 Use Previously Selected lights is grayed out in Viewport 2.0
This feature has now been deprecated.
MAYA-24227 Fix an issue where HLSL shader nodes lose their links to the textures
MAYA-24363 Ensure all attributes are included in their delegated Attribute Spread Sheet columns (for example, visible in reflection/refraction, motion blur flags)
MAYA-24701 Can't hide grid (Display > Grid workflow) from orthographic camera in Viewport 2.0
MAYA-24968 Render view not updating all blocks
MAYA-25074 UV Editor: Fixed an issue with texture display for custom hardware shaders
MAYA-25853 Fixed a mental ray crash in scenes which contain MASH plug-in or particle instancing on Mac OS X
MAYA-25966 Slow setting keyframes in Viewport 2.0
MAYA-26091 HLSL: WorldInverse semantic is not recognized properly
MAYA-26235 Maya segfaults when using a 0 point font
MAYA-26489 Hardware 2.0 Renderer: Batch Render does not render ornaments (HUD)
MAYA-26883 Fixed an issue where broken relative path displays on file texture node input fields
MAYA-27569 ThwTextureManager loads float textures (exr) as 8-bit/channel instead of floating point textures
MAYA-27699 Free image planes deleted when selecting Edit->Delete Unused Nodes in the Hypershade
MAYA-28205 Viewport 2.0 clamps HDR/EXR values unexpectedly when using the global option: Clamp Texture Resolution
MAYA-28338 Fixed an issue where the cgfxShader does not work with vertex colors or multiple UV sets
MAYA-28599 HLSL textures not working in the UV Texture Editor
MAYA-28760 Fixed an issue with MGeometryManager
MAYA-30176 PSD node, layers drop down selection menu doesn't work with dx11Shader
MAYA-30304 Second assignment of shader to non-connected faces while in component mode of poly object doesn't update in Viewport 2.0
MAYA-30577 Custom user data in MPxShaderOverride blocking consolidation
MAYA-30740 HLSL shaders don't support 3d textures
MAYA-31005 Curve selection does not work in Viewport 2.0 in certain situations
MAYA-31994 Render view snapshot shouldn't always be tied to Legacy Default Viewport
The Snapshot functionality in the Render View now respects the current renderer in your active workspace. For example, if you are using Viewport 2.0, the snapshot will also select Viewport 2.0.
MAYA-33208 Viewport 2.0: Performance of edit components is very slow on a mesh with many materials assigned
MAYA-34609 Maya is not successfully registering the new MacPro's memory resources for Viewport 2.0
MAYA-34636 Viewport2.0 : inconsistencies between locator display and selection
MAYA-34679 Enable error logging for CGFX/DX compile errors
MAYA-34863 Free image planes and image planes on a camera jump to different locations
Scripting MEL  
MAYA-1526 Fixed an issue to disable drawing overrides if an object's display layer is deleted
Previously, when deleting a display layer that has a drawing override applied, the drawing override is left enabled on the object while the layer is deleted.
This problem has now been fixed. When you delete a display layer, the drawing override is also deleted and disabled.
MAYA-15321 Fixed an issue with MEL example for renderWindowEditor command in documentation
MAYA-22753 Fixed an issue where shelfButton -menuItem outputs debug messages
MAYA-26859 Fixed an issue to refrain from showing cameras in scene view when Display > Show All Geometry is selected
Display > Show > Show Geometry > All now works correctly, and non-geometry objects such as cameras, lights, locators, skeletons and so forth are not shown in the scene when this menu is selected.
MAYA-29325 Fixed an issue where value will become empty if array is substituted for the variable of the same name
MAYA-33917 Fixed an issue where using Direct Connect from command line raises license issue block
Scripting Python  
MAYA-15635 Fixed an issue where importing pymel all modules fails when using Japanese UI
MAYA-24159 Fixed warning messages: could not create a PyNode for manipulator when import pymel.core is called
MAYA-29321 2^15 attributes: Fixed attributeCount() and numChildren() calls to use TuInt32 instead of Tint16
MAYA-31350 2^15 attributes: Fixed a problem with renameAttr() similar to the one with listAttr(), and a problem where the Save As in a Maya scene loses all attribute values
MAYA-34092 PyMEL - factories.registerVirtualClass. invalid attribute name(s) __apicls__: special attributes are not allowed on virtual nodes
UI Architecture  
MAYA-1189 Fixed an issue where swatch image by Grab Swatch to Hypershade/Visor is stored in BGR not RGB
MAYA-13569 Fixed an issue where Maya prompts are sometimes hidden behind windows
MAYA-22121 The way Maya changes focus on a panel has changed from Maya 2013
MAYA-23410 Fixed an issue where query mode for gradientControlNoAttr command does not return value for flag -visible
UI Attribute Editor  
MAYA-30774 Fixed an issue where copy tab in Attribute Editor doesn't work properly with cameras when changing Focal Length or other attributes 
UI General  
MAYA-2046 Fixed an issue where the Outliner scrolls automatically to the end of the longest name or to the bottom of the node list
MAYA-9586 Handle Enter/Return key events for the correct entry focus in Attribute Editor/Tools Editor/etc.
MAYA-11324 Fixed a fileDialog2 crash if file filter is *.mb
MAYA-15890 Fixed an issue where window -sizeable false -menuBar false can't keep window width
MAYA-18583 Fixed an issue where hotkey shortcuts stop working (QAction::eventFilter: Ambiguous shortcut overload:) 
MAYA-19711 Fixed an issue where moving shelf buttons with middle mouse no longer works with multi-row shelf layouts
MAYA-23466 Fixed an issue to set appropriate shelf path separator character for specific OS
MAYA-23487 Fixed a sporadic UI lockup while invoking Hotbox 
MAYA-24348 Fixed an issue where Select All and Invert Selection menu commands are mapped incorrectly
MAYA-25005 Fixed an issue where Move manipulator active axis cannot be queried
MAYA-25116 Fixed an issue where selected hidden and non hidden objects are displayed with the same color in the Outliner
When selecting in the Outliner, it is now easier to identify hidden objects. When selected, hidden objects appear as grey instead of white, which is used for visible objects.
MAYA-29223 Fixed an issue where Remove References confirmation dialog text can be larger than screen height and hide the action buttons
MAYA-30669 QT issue: Fixed a problem where selecting a large number of elements from a TextScrollList is very slow
UI General Editors  
MAYA-21610 Fixed an issue where Maya can perform an unexpected refresh of the editors in the sidebar when the main window is redrawn
MAYA-23779 Fixed a crash when opening the Hypershade with Japanese UI
MAYA-24280 Fixed an issue where constraint connection lines appear sometimes in the Hypergraph even though the nodes don't have any constraints 
MAYA-25706 Performance: Fixed an issue where Outliner has slow performance when displaying many deformation nodes on Windows
MAYA-27683 Fixed a performance issue where Outliner continuously looks for missing icons
MAYA-29027 Fixed an issue where Hypershade is slow because it is searching for tsm9ut554.dll
UI Node Editor  
MAYA-22299 Node Editor connection line between nodes containing locked attribute(s) should not disconnect
MAYA-23955 The Cmd+Option+Left drag shortcut can now be used with a mouse in 1-button or 2-button mode to pan in the Node Editor on the Mac OS X Platform.
MAYA-24499 Cannot graph connections of nodes within assets
MAYA-24807 Node Editor hotkeys fail between 3 and 4 keys
MAYA-25752 Fixed a scene bloat issue with many hidden Node Editors
MAYA-26958 Scenes containing numerous (25+) open nodeEditorPanels can be slow
MAYA-29322 When one scrubs the timeline or plays the animation, the XGen primitives will be out of sync with the geometry if the vertices are keyed
MAYA-32850 Animated influence curve for XGen primitives loses guide influence when moving between guides
MAYA-32955 Fixed an issue where baked noise locks up in infinite loop

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The following section describes limitations, workarounds (where applicable) about this release.

Bug Number Description
API  The following changes may require users to modify their existing scripts or plug-ins in order to preserve their functionality.
MAYA-35278 Maya 2015 C++ Plug-in Wizard will generate C++ projects which still use build toolset Visual Studio 2010. This will lead to one link error.

Workaround : Upgrade the generated project to use Visual Studio 2012.
Illegal Node/Attribute Names
A valid node or attribute name consists solely of alphabetic, numeric and underscore characters, where the first character cannot be numeric. However, it has been possible to introduce invalid node and attribute names in various ways, which then get saved out to the binary scene file.
In Maya 2015, if you try to load a scene containing illegal node names, the nodes will still be loaded, but a warning dialog will appear. This dialog can be disabled using the disableIncorrectNameWarning command.
You can list the nodes in a scene which have illegal names using the new listNodesWithIncorrectName command.
Illegal attribute names are still accepted for the moment, but Maya is currently replacing its own illegal names with legal ones. The changes so far are to the volumeLight, pointLight, directionalLight, areaLight, spotLight and nonExtendedLightShapeNode node types. For all of these, the following attributes have been renamed:

Old Name
New Name
useX+Dmap useXPlusDmap
useX-Dmap useXMinusDmap
useY+Dmap useYPlusDmap
useY-Dmap useYMinusDmap
useZ+Dmap useZPlusDmap
useZ-Dmap useZMinusDmap

In old scenes, the attributes will be renamed when the scene is loaded and an alias will be set up so that the old name still works. However, you are still advised to update any scripts and plug-ins you have to use the new names.
Namespace and Object Name Validation
Namespaces and object names are now validated when a command's arguments are parsed, and not when it is executed. This means that some commands which were silently failing before due to invalid names will now cause your script to halt.
Transitive Header Includes
Some of the header files included by other API header files have been replaced with forward declarations. For example, MArrayDataBuilder.h used to include MDataHandle.h. That include has been removed and replaced with a forward declaration of MDataHandle, which is all that MArrayDataBuilder.h really requires.
If you have code which has been relying on these transitive header inclusions, then you will have to modify your code directly to include the headers it needs.
Viewport 2.0
The MUIDrawManager::FontSize enum has been removed and the setFontSize() method now takes as its only parameter an unsigned int giving the pixel size of the font.

The kDefaultFontSize and kSmallFontSize symbols from the FontSize enum still exist and retain their meanings, but they now contain the pixel sizes of their corresponding fonts and reside in an unnamed enum. So if you were passing one of these to setFontSize(), then that code does not have to be changed. However, if your code refers to the FontSize enum itself (for example, to declare a variable or parameter) then it must be changed to unsigned int instead.
The adsk::Data::Accessor::performRead() pure virtual method now takes wantedStructures and wantedAssociations params. Previously, derived classes simply read all the structures and associations in the file. Now they must limit themselves to only those specified by the two new parameters.

With the switch to the 10.8.* SDK on OS X we lose C++ access to many Cocoa data types. To work around this, the MGLContext type returned by M3dView::display() has changed from NSOpenGLContext* to void*, and the MNativeWindowHdl type returned by M3dView::applicationShell(), M3dView::window() and MQtUtil::nativeWindow() has changed from NSView* to void*.

The handlesApplyEdits() method has been removed from MFnAssembly and MPxAssembly and the applyEdits() method has been removed from MPxAssembly. Since these were non-functional stubs, there is no loss of functionality.

The calling signature of MFnDependencyNode::addExternalContentForFileAttr() has changed and is not compatible with that in 2014.
MAYA-30813 Liquid voxels don't show up in non-perspective cameras.
MAYA-32763 The default value of 0.5 for Master Voxel Size may be too small to generate voxels on some emitting meshes below a specific scale, including primitives. For example, no voxels will be generated for a default polySphere with radius=1.

Workaround : To generate voxels, either lower the Master Voxel Size or increase the size of the sphere.
MAYA-32869 Bifrost scene is getting evaluated over and over during batch render when runup is enabled. 
Workaround: Disable Runup.
MAYA-33411 Bifrost: Separate thickness required for shell and solid.
The default thickness for an emitter is 0. This is good for a solid but for a shell it produces no results. Must be set to at least 1.
For colliders, the default thickness is set to 1. This is fine for solids, but for shells, even at high resolutions this results in penetrating liquids. It must be set to at least 
MAYA-33644 Bifrost: Resulting Simulation motion seems incorrect and seems to be due to Collision objects Conversion Thickness.                                             
Fluid will react with a surface tension type behavior even when stickiness is set to zero.
Workaround: Set Collision > Thickness to 0 while keeping Collision > Mode at Solid.
MAYA-33722 Bifrost: Interior Particle Density requires a hard set minimum limit of 1 for Bifrost particles to appear.
Workaround: Make sure Interior Particle Density has a value of 1.0 or greater so that you have at least 1 particle per voxel. Values below 1 will not emit particles.
MAYA-33828 Currently, setting keys on attributes found on the bifrostLiquidContainer node is not a supported workflow.
MAYA-34114 Bifrost will still render even after disabling the display of particles and voxels in the Bifrost Shape
Workaround : Hide the Bifrost object (set visibility=off).
MAYA-34177 The default maximum particle viewport display number is set to 1 million.  This creates repetitive looking patterns for higher resolution simulations.  You can increase the number for a more accurate representation of the simulation while respecting the limits of your graphics card.
MAYA-34338 Certain mesh colliders will crash Maya
Certain non manifold geometry containing intersecting surfaces will fail to emit bifrost particles.
Workaround: Rebuild the offending geometry.
In some cases, you can clean up the mesh by relaxing the geometry such that there are no intersecting vertices.
MAYA-34435 Cannot perform render layer override on any Bifrost nodes
MAYA-34627 Alembic export corrupts rotation data. This affect Rigid Sets only. Rigid Body Shapes do not have this issue.

Workaround : Set the transforms of the ancestors to the identity transform (freeze transform). The leaf nodes are exporting with world transforms and not the local transforms.
Cache Representation - Baked Geometry  
MAYA-31013 Maya will crash during Windows remote desktop session if you try and import a gpu cache.

Workaround :
1. On the host system, set Viewport 2.0 as the default renderer for the workspace.
You cannot do this using the client.
2. Access Maya on the host system using the client.
MAYA-31525 Errors may appear in the Output Window and Script Editor when background loading gpuCache cache scenes in the Legacy Default Viewport on Windows with Quadro series graphic cards. This is an issue happening on the Nvidia driver side and it has been fixed in driver 332.50

Workaround : Upgrade to drivers of version 332.50 or higher.
Data Transfer  
MAYA-22607 Direct Connect not supported on Mac OS X 10.6.8

Workaround : Upgrade to Mac OS X Lion (10.7.x) or higher.
MAYA-36013 The Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite 2015 Installation Help included on the media of the Autodesk Maya 2015 mentions in several Installation and Licensing topics the Autodesk® ReCap™ Pro product instead of the Autodesk® ReCap™ product.
This issue has since been resolved in the Autodesk Entertainment Creation Suite 2015 Installation Help available on the Autodesk Knowledge Network available at:
File Referencing  
MAYA-24865 Reloading a reference should not prompt for the file paths again.
MAYA-30199 Problem : Maya 2015 may crash when idle when used with older Nvidia drivers
Workaround : Update to the latest driver.
MAYA-30309 OSX 10.9: Hotbox and marking menus will not work on second screen of a dual screen setup.

Workaround : Under System preferences > Mission Control > [ ] Displays have Separate Spaces, disable the Displays Have Separate Spaces option. This brings the Mac OS X workspace's behavior back to the way it was before 10.9.
MAYA-30519 Maya 2015 network license users will be required to upgrade their license server daemons to version NLM 11.12
  Known OpenSubdiv and Booleans limitations are listed in the Maya Help.
MAYA-11270 Maya may crash when using the Mesh Cleanup tool for faces with zero UV area
Workaround: Use Unfold or Optimize tools to fix the problem UV's.
MAYA-13164 Split Mesh With Projected Curve doesn't work with large meshes, but it works on small meshes scaled up
Workaround: Instead of modifying the input of the mesh to create a large mesh, scale it.
MAYA-14381 Operations on meshes with partial UV mapping may be unstable
Workaround: Recreate UV's for problem mesh.
MAYA-24232 Component Editor's Smooth Skin Weights joint column names no longer select the column and are defective
Workaround: Turn off the Component Selection Preservation option in Window > Settings / Preferences > Preferences > Selection.
Additional Workaround: Select the column and its contents itself; do not select the column name.
MAYA-25630 Mac OS X: Rendering a combined polygon with many UV sets in mental ray may cause crash
Workaround: Select geometry, open UV Set Editor, and delete all the UVs_### sets.
MAYA-34639 Create UV's > Best Plane Texturing Tool splits the UV's for all the selected faces
Workaround: Select all the split UV's and merge.
MAYA-34784 Modeling Toolkit Panel is truncated in Japanese Maya
Workaround: Use scroll bar at the bottom of the Modeling Toolkit window.
MAYA-35795 Edit Mesh >Duplicate (face section) options are missing
Workaround: The options are available via the Shift >Right-click Marking Menu.
Multiple Representation  
MAYA-22643 Unparenting representation from an assembly representation node will display the unparented node twice in the Outliner
MAYA-22667 Changing a file name of the assembly definition node will result in clearing all the edits that was in the assembly representation
MAYA-22876 As of Maya 2015, the calculation used to derive the Input Mesh Attract setting has been updated. Previous to version 2015, the values set for Substeps attribute in the Solver Attributes section of the nucleus Attribute Editor tab created too pronounced an influence on the mesh attraction. (This change to the Input Mesh Attract calculation applies to both Locking and Non-Locking options.)

If you have an Attribute preset that uses this setting and you want to retain the pre-2015 behavior, apply it to the nCloth and then run the command:
convertPost2014ClothInputAttract nClothShape1;

Re-save your preset with these new nCloth values. This changes the input attract values back to the previous (pre-2015) behavior derived from the nucleus substeps values.
MAYA-22740 The following method has been deprecated:
MPxContext::doEnterRegion( MEvent &, MHWRender::MUIDrawManager&, const MHWRender::MFrameContext&)

Please use the following method instead:
MPxContext::doEnterRegion(MEvent &)

If you are currently using the first method in your plug-in, you may need to update and recompile your plug-in.
MAYA-23695 The saveImage command does not work as expected for shaded objects.

Workaround : You can execute the following script to take a snapshot of the current scene view and save it as a endSnap.jpg file, to the \images directory of your project directory. This workaround can be used for both the Legacy Default Viewport and Viewport 2.0.

tring $ws=`workspace -q -fullName`";
evalDeferred "string $wsp=$ws + \"/images\"";
evalDeferred "sysFile -makeDir $wsp";
evalDeferred "string $wspf = $wsp + \"/endSnap.jpg\"";
evalDeferred "refresh -cv -fe \"jpg\" -fn $wspf;"; 
MAYA-24576 When depth peeling is selected as the transparency algorithm for Viewport 2.0 (in the Maya Hardware 2.0 Render Settings window), multi-sample anti-aliasing only affects opaque objects but not transparent objects.
MAYA-30985 Occasionally, when your instances have negative scale and you have other features such as backface culling enabled, your lighting may appear incorrect. In general, if you have negative scales and your instances appear incorrect, disable GPU Instancing.
MAYA-34989 When switching between the Shade All and Shade Selected Items viewport modes, if either the wireframe or shaded object disappears, you can workaround the issue by disabling Consolidate World in the Viewport 2.0 settings.
MAYA-35665 Older drivers for 1800M may crash Maya.

Workaround : Update to a newer driver.
MAYA-36068 The following mental ray shader nodes may fail to load in Maya 2015 if they were saved from Maya 2014 in a Maya Binary file (.mb format) :
mia_exposure_photographic_rev, misss_fast_shader2, misss_fast_shader2_x, misss_fast_skin_phen, misss_fast_skin_phen_d, misss_mia_skin2_phen, misss_mia_skin2_phen_d, misss_lightmap_phen, misss_mia_skin2_surface_phen, builtin_bsdf_architectural, builtin_bsdf_architectural_comp, builtin_bsdf_carpaint, builtin_bsdf_ashikhmin, builtin_bsdf_lambert, builtin_bsdf_mirror, builtin_bsdf_phong, mila_material (and dependent shaders), mib_illum_hair_x
Workaround : Save files containing these nodes in Maya Ascii (.ma format) instead.
Scripting Python  
MAYA-21037 sip.wrapinstance on Maya main window causes a hard crash

The error is in the sip code that is extracting address into a unsigned long instead of unsigned long long.

  * Wrap an instance.
static PyObject *wrapInstance(PyObject *self, PyObject *args)
    unsigned long addr;
    sipWrapperType *wt;

    if (PyArg_ParseTuple(args, "kO!:wrapinstance", &addr, &sipWrapperType_Type, &wt))
        return sip_api_convert_from_type((void *)addr, wt->type, NULL);

    return NULL;

The fix has been posted on the Riverbank's pyQt mailing list. For customers that would like to have the fix now, they have to download the source code for sip from Riverbank and modify, recompile and replace the file sip.pyd in the Python27\Lib\site-packages folder.
MAYA-36024 mayapy will crash on Mac 10.9 and segment error 11 will be returned
Node Editor  
MAYA-25752 Scene bloat issue with many hidden Node Editors
If you open an existing scene with a large number of Node Editor objects saved, you must delete these objects; otherwise, you will encounter a performance slow down. However, any files saved in Maya 2015 do not accumulate any more Node Editor objects than what you have open and visible.
MAYA-23962 XGen is not compatible with merged meshes
MAYA-24393 XGen: UI Glitch when increasing Attr CV Count with a Bend Param expression and Auto Preview

Workaround : Do not change the cv count when autopreview is on.
MAYA-25846 For archive workflows, objects with same name in different groups are not supported and Maya gives out an error
MAYA-27857 Vertex paint baking not working for non-quad meshes
MAYA-28065 XGen: Clumping preview refresh issue

Workaround : If the preview appears inaccurate after altering clump maps, press preview again.
MAYA-28299 XGen does not support file names or file paths with upper-ASCII characters and double byte characters
Workaround :
- Install Maya 2015 using a lower-ASCII user name in Windows.
- Avoid installing Maya to a custom location with upper-ASCII and double byte characters.
- Avoid saving or opening scene names with upper-ASCII and/or double byte characters.
MAYA-28465 XGen: Rendering $aLOD's should work by default

Workaround : In order to render archive descriptions using LOD's, you must change the Hi Index to:

$aIndex*$aMul + 0 + $aLOD+ 3
MAYA-28828 XGen: Rendering guide description is wrongly interpolated until a second preview is taken

Workaround : When rendering a guide driven description, if the render does not match the preview, click the XGen preview button again and re-render.
MAYA-34153 XGen preview rendering disappears from Viewport 2.0 when tumbling (high GPU memory pressure)

Workaround : Set environment variable MAYA_OGS_GPU_MEMORY_LIMIT=99999.

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