# Copyright 2009 Autodesk, Inc.  All rights reserved.
# Use of this software is subject to the terms of the Autodesk license agreement 
# provided at the time of installation or download, or which otherwise accompanies
# this software in either electronic or hard copy form.
# Script description:
# Specify a directory where all fbx files will be loaded and all Character rig and Animation will be exported.
# Topic:FBFolderPopup, FBFbxManager, FBSystem, FBApplication, FBApplication.FileOpen, FBMessageBox

import os
import re
from pyfbsdk import FBFolderPopup, FBFbxManager, FBSystem, FBApplication, FBMessageBox

# Creating all the Constructors
lFp = FBFolderPopup()
lMgr = FBFbxManager()
lSystem = FBSystem()
lApp = FBApplication ()
lScene = lSystem.Scene
fbxList = []

# Select directory you would like to load your FBX files in from 
# Create the popup and set necessary initial values.
lFp.Caption = "Source Files: Select the folder containing the files you would like to export"

# Set the default path. Good for a PC only... will have to be different for Mac.
lFp.Path = r"C:\Autodesk"

# Get the GUI to show.
lRes = lFp.Execute()

# If you select a folder, show its name, otherwise indicate that the selection was canceled.
if not lRes:
    FBMessageBox( "Warning:", "Selection canceled, cannot continue!", "OK" )

    FBMessageBox( "Selected Folder Path:", "Selected folder:\n  Path: '%s'" % lFp.Path, "OK" )

    # Getting the names of the files in your previously selected folder
    # Using os to get the file names from the specified folder (above) and storing names of files in a list
    fileList = os.listdir(lFp.Path)
    print "fileList", fileList
    # Setting the regular expression to only look for .fbx extenstion
    fbxRE = re.compile('^\w+.fbx$', re.I)

    # Removing any files that do not have an .fbx extenstion
    for fname in fileList:
        mo = fbxRE.search(fname)
        if mo:
    # Exporting items in the file one at a time
    for fname in fbxList:

        # Opening the file in MotionBuilder, this replaces the current scene
        lApp.FileOpen(lFp.Path + "\\" + fname)

        # Saves out the character and rig animation
        # if there are multiple characters per file you will need to change to accommodate.
        # SaveCharacterRigAndAnimation (str pFileName, FBCharacter pCharacter, bool pSaveCharacter, bool pSaveRig, bool pSaveExtensions)

        lMgr.SaveCharacterRigAndAnimation(lFp.Path + "\\Animation_" + fname, lScene.Characters[0], False, True, False)

        # Closing the current file, not really necessarily needed sine the FBApplication::FileOpne replaces the current scene
del(lFp, FBFolderPopup, lMgr, FBFbxManager, lSystem, FBSystem, lRes, lApp, FBApplication, lScene, fbxList, re, os, FBMessageBox)