Last Updated: March 24th, 2006

This 7.5 qual chart is updated regularly.
Please check back frequently for updates.

Qualification of Motionbuilder
 Products Version Software Date
 Autodesk MotionBuilder 7.5 2006/03/20

File Compatibility :


MotionBuilder 7.5 is backward compatible with versions 7.0. We cannot guarantee that 7.5 files will work in 7.0 due to enhance feature set and functionality found in  the new version. .


The FBX converter application can convert files to and from the FBX, DXF, 3DS, OBJ and Collada formats. The assets supported for each type of conversion vary. If you want to convert OBJ, DXF, 3DS or Collada formats, refer to the tab for each specific file format in the FBX Converter interface. The tab for each file format includes check boxes that let you select the type of objects you want to convert.

If you are converting .fbx files from version 7.5 to 7.0,6.0 or 5.x versions, the following assets can be converted:

  • Geometry (mesh, Nurbs, patches) 
  • Deformation (skin, shapes)
  • Models (nulls, geometry, bones, cameras, lights)
  • Animation, Degrees of Freedom

Qualified Operating Systems

Windows Requirements
The following are the Windows minimum system requirements for MotionBuilder Professional.


  • Microsoft Windows XP operating system
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer®, Netscape®, Safari™, or FireFox™
  • Intel® Pentium® 4 or higher, AMD Athlon™ processor*
  • 256 MB RAM
  • CD-ROM Drive (DVD-ROM drive required for additional Clip Art)
  • Qualified OpenGL Professional graphics card with 32 MB RAM 
  • 600 MB hard disk space
* "SpeedStep" or "QuietMode" options must be disabled.

Mac OS X Requirements
The following are the Mac OS X minimum system requirements for MotionBuilder Professional.


  • Apple Mac OS X version 10.4 or higher
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer®, Netscape®, Safari™, or FireFox™
  • Macintosh® G4 or G5
  • 256 MB RAM
  • CD-ROM Drive (DVD-ROM drive required for additional Clip Art)
  • Qualified OpenGL graphics card with 32 MB RAM 
  • 600 MB hard disk space

Intel and AMD 64-bit Compatibility
MotionBuilder 7.5 is currently untested on the following 64-bit systems:
Opteron: Windows XP Professional (SP1, SP2)
EM64T: Windows XP Professional (SP1, SP2)
Athlon 64: Windows XP Professional
Athlon 64: Windows XP x64 Edition
Opteron: Windows XP x64 Edition
MotionBuilder 7.5 is currently unsupported on the following 64-bit systems:
Itanium: Windows XP x64 Edition

Graphics Cards and Driver Versions

MotionBuilder is qualified for the following graphics cards using the specified driver, with the listed Operating Systems.

Important: Graphics drivers are usually different for different Windows operating systems. Autodesk has tested only drivers listed under each OS. While it may be possible to use MotionBuilder successfully on earlier or later drivers, Autodesk cannot guarantee their performance or behaviour. If you encounter problems with a driver, we strongly suggest that you contact the graphic card vendor to report your problem.

 Company  Graphics Card  Driver version on
 Windows XP Professional
 3DLabs  Wildcat Realizm 800 PCI Express  4.05.0837
 Nvidia  Quadro FX 500/1000/2000

 Nvidia  Quadro FX 3000

 Nvidia  Quadro FX 4000  71.80
 Nvidia  Quadro FX 1300 PCI Express  71.80
 Nvidia  Quadro FX 4400 PCI Express  81.67

Certified cards with limitations.

 Company  Graphics Card  Driver version on
 Windows XP Professional
 ATI  Radeon X850 PCI Express  Frame drop with
 high poly count

 Shadow Shader
 ATI  QFireGL X1  8.163.1  Shadows Shader
 ATI  QFireGL X2  8.163.1  Shadows Shader
 ATI  FireGL V7100 PCI Express  8.163.1  Shadows Shader
 ATI  FireGL V5100 PCI Express  8.163.1  Shadows Shader

Non certified cards.

General Configuration

  • It may be possible to successfully use MotionBuilder with a non-qualified or partially qualified configuration, but support and maintenance programs will be subject to the Autodesk Support services guidelines.
  • The configurations shown are subject to change, and additional qualified configurations may be added after qualification testing has been carried out.

Windows XP Recommendations
Windows XP does not automatically install OpenGL drivers. You must access the Web site of your graphics card manufacturer and download the most recent Windows XP OpenGL driver(s).

Mac OS X Recommendations
Only MotionBuilder and MotionBuilder Professional run on Mac OS X.

Macintosh computers come with a single button mouse. It is recommended that you install a USB two-button or three button mouse for use with MotionBuilder.

To emulate a three-button mouse, use the following keyboard and mouse combinations.


Some Macintosh keyboards only have one Delete key as compared to computers running the Windows operating system. If you cannot delete using the Delete key, press Shift-Delete or Backspace.


Nvidia GeForce256, GeForce2, GeForce3, GeForce4 series

There are many cards based on GeForce256, GeForce2, GeForce3 and GeForce4 chipsets. Nvidia and Autodesk do not recommend these cards for use with MotionBuilder as you may experience various refresh, display and stability problems and inadequate performance.

We suggest you choose from Nvidia's workstation cards instead, such as the Quadro families which are much better suited to high-end 3D packages such as MotionBuilder.