What's New in Autodesk Composite


Welcome to What’s New in Autodesk® Composite® 2014.

Enhanced MOV support

Enhancements to QuickTime MOV support include the ability to create MOV files with Photo-JPEG compression with High quality. See Supported Codecs.

Composite and the Autodesk Customer Involvement Program

Composite is now part of the Autodesk Customer Involvement Program (CIP) which collects information to help Autodesk learn how you use Composite. Participation is voluntary; activate CIP in the Help menu to help us design new features as well as improve existing ones. You have the option to participate anonymously, participate with contact information, or not to participate.

Composite Help Reorganization

The composite Help has been reorganized to help you locate help topics efficiently. The Getting Started section contains links to tutorials and a step-by-step workflow. Background information and explanations of how Composite feature work has been divided from procedures and is now contained in the Reference section. Procedures and how to's are contained with the Basics and Managing compositions sections.

As always the index and search are also available.

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