Physical Lens

This lens shader simulates depth of field by casting multiple eye rays into the scene such that an object at the focal distance is sharp and in focus, while objects at other distances are blurred.

    color "physical_lens_dof" (
        scalar          "plane",
        scalar          "radius")
is the focal distance at which objects appear in focus. More precisely it is the negative Z coordinate of the focus plane in camera space. It must be a positive number.
is the radius of confusion at the camera's focal distance. Larger numbers increase the blurring effect. Note that typical values are small, and large values can reduce the entire scene to a noisy cloud.

Oversampling Lens

This lens shader casts a given number of eye rays into the scene with identical properties. This is useful only for path tracing materials: for a subsequent incoming ray with same direction as the previous one they may trace secondaries rays in a different direction dependent on reflection and refraction probabilities, following a new illumination path. See path_material.

    color "oversampling_lens" (
        integer         "samples")
number of samples per pixel. Values greater than 1 perform oversampling.

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