Applying reference tweaks

Now that you have a tweaked animation for your zombie, you can apply it to your graveyard scene.

To apply the tweaked zombie shuffle

  1. Open the Reference Editor ( File > Reference Editor).
  2. Select any of the referenced zombies in your scene.
  3. If the zombie is currently loaded as its proxy, change it back to its original reference by right-clicking it in the Reference Editor and selecting Proxy > Reload Proxy as > Original.

  4. Select File > Assign Offline File.

    The File Browser appears.

  5. Navigate to the folder where you previously stored the edit file and select, then click the Assign Offline File button.
    NoteIf you cannot find the file, make sure the Files of type field at the bottom of the file browser is set to Offline edit Ascii.

    A new entry appears in the Reference Editor.

  6. Play the scene.

    The zombie now shuffles with the same alterations you made in the previous steps.

You can toggle between the old default animation and your new tweaked animation by clicking the checkbox next to the name armTweak1RN armTweak.mb in the Reference Editor to load and unload the reference edit. You can also apply the tweaked animation to any or all of the other zombies using the same method above.

If you were so inclined, you could also create additional shuffle variations and apply them all to the same zombie, then use the checkboxes to quickly toggle between them.