What's New In Documentation

Improved Navigation Bar

The navigation bar in the Maya Documentation now remains at the top of your browser window as you scroll down, letting you easily access the navigation controls as you browse.

Improved Search

The search field of the Maya Help now supports phrasal search. You can search for a precise combination of words by changing the Search method to phrase.

For more information, see Maya Help.

New and updated Tutorials and Advanced Tutorials

You can now find a number of new and updated tutorials in the documentation. These tutorials are designed to introduce users to some of the uses and workflows of the more recent features introduced in Maya.

A new Advanced Techniques tutorial for nParticles is now available from the Autodesk Maya Services &Support section of the Autodesk website. This tutorial is designed for intermediate and advanced users and concentrates on specific, complex topics, and techniques.

List of recommended mental ray shaders added

A list of recommended mental ray for Maya shaders, for example, mia_material_x, have been added to the Shading nodes chapter of the Shading guide.

PyMEL Documentation

The Maya documentation now includes PyMEL technical reference documentation.

Working with Qt chapter added to API Guide

The API Guide now includes a chapter on how to work with Qt to create Maya UI.