Preparing for the lesson

To ensure the lesson works as described, do these steps before beginning:

  1. Review the Polygon Modeling lesson in this guide. Knowledge of polygonal modeling tools is essential to becoming proficient in subdivision surface modeling.
  2. If you have not already done so, copy the GettingStarted folder from its installation location to your projects directory. Then, set the GettingStarted directory as your Maya project. For more information, see Copying and setting the Maya project.
  3. Create a new scene.
  4. Select the Surfaces menu set.
  5. Select Window > Settings/Preferences > Preferences.
  6. In the Preferences window, select Subdivs from the Categories list to display the subdivision surface preferences.
  7. In the Subdivision Surfaces Component Display settings, set the Component display to Numbers, then click Save.

    Setting the subdivision components to display as numbers allows you to see the subdivision surface level directly on the surface.

    NoteBefore you perform the lessons in this book, ensure that the Interactive Creation option for primitives is turned off by selecting Create > Polygon Primitives > Interactive Creation. That is, ensure a check mark does not appear beside the menu item.
  8. Make sure that Soft Selection is turned off by opening the Tool Settings Editor with the Select Tool active and unchecking the box marked Soft Select.