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In this lesson you learned how to:

Skin weights and influence objects cannot overcome all modeling problems. For instance, if you further separate Jackie’s legs sideways, you will see an undesirable fold at the hips. This occurs because of the asymmetrical arrangement of polygonal edges in the hip region of the original model. To fix the problem, you would need to detach the skin, alter the original model, then smooth bind the model again.

Maya has an alternative skinning method, rigid skinning, which gives results similar to smooth skinning but requires use of different enhancement tools: flexor and lattice deformers. In general, smooth skinning gives more natural deformations with less effort than rigid skinning. If you skin multiple seamed surfaces, however, processing is faster with rigid skinning than with smooth skinning.

Smooth skinning is just one of the techniques for perfecting a character’s deformations during animation. You can use Maya’s other deformers alone or in addition to smooth skinning to achieve the results you want.

For more information refer to Smooth skinning.