Sculpting eye sockets

Eye sockets provide an inset and backdrop for eyes.

To sculpt eye sockets for the character

  1. Select the Push operation.
  2. Leave other settings the same as for the nose.
  3. To make a pair of identical eye sockets, display the Stroke settings in the Tool Settings window and turn on Reflection.
  4. Set the Reflection Axis to X and then position the sculpt icon on Egghead.

    A pair of identical Push icons appears on Egghead.

  5. Adjust the positioning as desired for the eye sockets. Click the mouse many times in the desired location.

    NoteIf the Reflection setting does not push or pull in the same direction on either side of a NURBS surface you can adjust the Reference Vector to alter the direction of these operations. In the Sculpt Parameters section select UV Vector and turn on Enable UV Vector Adjustment. Click and drag the mouse left or right to adjust the direction of the U and V reference vectors.