Adding dynamic attributes

To maximize the display versatility of particle render types, you need to add built-in dynamic attributes to the particle object. When you add a dynamic attribute to an object, the attribute appears in the Attribute Editor for the selected object.

To add dynamic attributes

  1. In the Attribute Editor, under the Render Attributes section, click the Current Render Type button next to Add Attributes.
  2. Observe the attributes that are added.

  3. Set the following attributes:

    Line Width


    This sets the width of each streak.

    Tail Fade


    This sets the opacity of the tail fade; it can range from 0 to 1. A value of 1 makes the tail completely opaque; a value of 0 makes the tail transparent.

    Tail Size


    This scales the length of the tail. A value of 1 is the default length. Values less than 1 shorten the tail; values greater than 1 lengthen the tail.

    You can experiment with these settings to change the look of the particles.